Tuesday, 27 October 2009

No Halloween Cakes In Thames Valley Either

Having heard today that I passed some high-fallutin' professional qualification exams, there won't be much from me tonight as I intend to get gently shit-faced ... and Fanny P has offered to dust off the once-thought-mythical purse, and pay the bill. What a day!

I can but report, thanks to an eagle-eyed fellow jewel robber, that the advancement of flour and eggs to the banned substances list in autumn, is becoming a nationwide phenomenon.

Those oiks in East London are being made to look a bit chavvy by the home counties, too. Thames Valley police have kindly printed up posters for local retailers. All special, like.


Witterings from Witney said...

Congrats DP on whatever it is you have passed. Whatever HFPQE it was, well done indeed Sir! Wouldn't have anything to do with ways of getting Mrs. P to pay would it?

Anonymous said...

Congrats! But what do you mean you won't be celebrating with a glass of pomegranate juice and some carrot batons? Have fun!!


banned said...

Congrats DP.
Couple of years ago on a sink estate ( don't ask ) some lads were hanging about waiting for the police car to pass by.
As it did so they flour bombed its rear window; by the time the car had reversed back, turned around and entered the dead end side street down which the perps had fled they were long gone, over the fence and down the alley.
Some minutes later they rejoined the main group of trackie trousered hoodies and as the police car approached everyone just knew that the perps were among the crowd but there was no way for the police to identify which particular ones they were.

Made me laugh.

Anonymous said...

There should be a government kept list online for daily updates and in print on display in all public areas that simply lists alphabetically everything that is banned - period. That way we won't be left to guessing. Perhaps Labour should be informed.

BTS said...

Well done sport, but what about the results from the clinic..?

banned said...

Anon 28 Oct 05:09 suggests a permanent list of the stuff that is banned. Try this for starters, the most succint analysis of Labours crimes that I have seen.

At 1st comment

Ex Labour comment on Dark Lochnagar

Reason said...

You can download your anti-halloween posters here: