Saturday, 10 October 2009

Fingers Out Of The Ears Time

Sometimes, comments sections provide incredibly inspired posts. I've featured such before from the likes of IanB, who has unfortunately announced his self-removal from the blogosphere, either as blog contributor, or part of the commentariat.

Ian's contributions were always immensely thoughtful, but then, so is this by a Laura Roberts, on the racial commotion in Manchester today.

Hardly a surprise. It's the start of Rivers of Blood.

I abhor racism: and that means racism from ALL sides. If you continue to impose one incoming race's laws and preferences on the indigenous people of a country, you are going to create massive turmoil, disruption, antagonism, anger, resentment and confusion.

I have lived around the world. I know of no other country that welcomes foreigners into it that hate it with a venom. I know of no other country that destroys it's own culture, traditions, values and everything that makes it that particular country, as we do when we try to change it to suit incomers. I know of no other country embarrassed of it's own flag, where any patriotism that on the one hand we are urged to celebrate is slammed as racism at other times.

When I have lived around the world, I rejoice in their cultures and their pride for their country, heritage and customs. I modify my behaviour to theirs and even when I have to cover my head, or take off my shoes, or have to be escorted because a lone woman out and about is not permitted I do so unquestioningly so, and I honour their rules.

I know of no other country on earth that diminishes it's own culture and gives in to the demands of visitors and newcomers that we must adapt to them, rather than the other way round. They would not do the same in their country.

And so we have a growing anger, sometimes irrational and extreme, but mostly highly rational and deserved, and it will only get worse until the traditions and culture of Britain is restored and celebrated, just as other countries do with theirs.

Failure to do so will result in carnage.

Now, whether one agrees with Laura's opinion or not, it is clear that this is a view which is widely held. That Britishness is being eroded isn't in question - our politicians tell us so on a regular basis.

The problem, as is customary, is how our MPs view such beliefs. People who advance Laura's view, however well argued, are instantly pigeon-holed as being motivated by racial prejudice. It's a concern that isn't allowed to be raised. It is off the menu.

There may well be a few MPs who would secretly agree with this summation, but they are desperately scared of raising a voice for fear of invoking a shit-storm of righteous indignation such as we have already seen this week. In short, their career would be over if they didn't have balls of steel to stand firm against the established 'consensus' (which is anything but, once one steps out of the elite back-slapping bubble)

Those who read here regularly will know that I rail against the ignorance of issues which affect the working man. They are almost invisible to politically and healthily-correct representatives in parliament. Certain subjects are not to be discussed as the fake charities and quangoes have engineered a black and white scenario whereby arguing in defence of rights for those whose view differs from the puritan norm is political suicide.

The escalating EDL protests are a similarly dangerous problem, and they are being irresponsibly ignored. Motivating just a dozen people to take time off from their usual 'bread and circuses' weekend is extremely difficult - once you see 2,000 of them, it should be crystal clear that something serious is occurring and it has to be tackled before things get out of hand.

There is an obvious disconnect here, and someone in Westminster has to get hold of it before it turns into something fucking ugly. Just firing the term 'racist' around, dismissing those who are protesting as irrelevant, and pretending it isn't an issue simply won't work.

Nearly one million people unashamedly voted BNP on June 4th. I believe they were disastrously wrong to do so, but they have a beef which must be addressed. By someone. Somewhere.

Adhering to politically-correct dogma and pandering to state-paid righteous fucksticks isn't going to cut it when things get truly nasty.

Any voter considered lower than middle-class quite simply isn't catered for anymore. They are dictated to at every turn, they see no-one representing them, their every wish or belief is dismissed unless it agrees with the pre-determined progression that career politicans have mapped out for them.

They must comply or their voice won't be heard.

At the moment they are battling each other on the streets. One day, they will work out that such energy is wasted and will, instead, turn on the ones who are responsible for this country's mess.

And when they march over Westminster Bridge, I will be applauding, whether I agree with what they are marching about, or not.


TheBigYin said...

A very well written and thought out piece by both you and Laura Roberts Dick. I briefly heard about Manchester today but not read up on it yet. Sounds like things are kicking off. I am appauled at people who are given a home in our country and then turn on the hand that feeds them, that's not to say if you are an immigrant you should keep your mouth shut if you think you have been wronged but nor should the indigenous population when they know they are being wronged. We in the UK have become to placid.

Mark Wadsworth said...

That ain't Laura's opinion.

She is stating simple, straightforward, verifiable facts. Nothing of what she says is in the slightest contentious. That's how it is. Anybody who's lived abroad or who lives in England but can remember further back that ten or twenty years knows all this.

But she ought to work on her spelling a bit - it's "its" not "it's".

WV: puree

Curmudgeon said...

I entirely applaud the sentiment, Dick, but I have been hearing people saying for twelve years "the ordinary working people of England will never stand for this, they will rise up" - and they never do.

I'm not saying it will never happen, but regrettably at present they seem anaesthetised by the X Factor and Strictly cum Dancing.

Maybe a really savage Labour defeat at the next general election might ram the point home, but I'd put plenty of money on Labour still having considerably more seats than the Tories did in 1997.

One could even argue that the current Post Office dispute is a symptom of this - I get the impression that ordinary working people (of whom I am not one) feel royally shit on by the managerial class.

Witterings From Witney said...


Leaving aside any grammatical errors, both of you deserve praise for extremely well-written posts.

Can we bring our hemp on the march - nothing like direct action, is there?

Barking Spider said...

Great post, DP, spot on!

timbone said...

In 100 years, if the world has not destroyed itself, it will be impossible to understand the word indigenous in the UK.

banned said...

Bravo Laura Roberts, my only picky point is that it's not the start of the rivers of blood, they have been flowing for some while now, just not been reported in the press.

Dick Puddlecote said...

"I have been hearing people saying for twelve years "the ordinary working people of England will never stand for this, they will rise up" - and they never do."

Aye, there's the rub, Curmudgeon.

This EDL thing seems to have legs though. The UAF response is only inflaming matters - visibly.

One of the results of the Poll Tax debacle was that a lot of people realised that, by not paying a bill straight away, they would not automatically be jailed. There was a certain leeway which allowed them to have their say before the hammer came down.

It's going to take something like that to make people realise that they can legitimately object to government bullying.

If this is the catalyst to standing up and saying no on a whole host of issues, then I'm all for it.

Like you, I wouldn't stake a large sum on it, though.

Curmudgeon said...

There is *something* waiting to blow in this country. I see plenty of signs of it, but I really don't known what it will be.

I currently work (as a contractor) for a local authority which has a substantial Muslim population. Both of the major parties (Labour and LibDem) have Muslim contingents. When they held "Gay Pride Day" there was a deafening silence from certain quarters.

There are a lot of contradictions about with the potential to come to the boil.

Anonymous said...

And, if the announcements are true, they've effectively disbanded the TA, leaving "policing" the country in the hands of ACPO.

Interesting times, don't you think? Especially when press reports only show white people being arrested at Saturday's marches.

timbone said...

I have a dream sometimes. A few army top brass organise a military storming of parliament. They give the queen some authority as spokesperson (ably supported by Prince Philip) while they sort things out. After a while they hand the keys of the kingdom to Nigel Farage to restore democracy. Gordon Brown and Harriet Harman are erased from the history books, David Cameron teaches politics at Eton and Lembit Opik becomes minister for fun.

OK. Back to reality.

Anonymous said...

point 1. Hariett Harman intends to bring in legislation which applies 'positive discriminisation' towards various groups based on ethnicity, sex, religion, sexuality.
By definition this is discrimination against white male christian heterosexuals.

point 2. Legislation discriminatng in favour of relative newcomers againt the indiginous population has a name - "APARTHEID".

Rob said...

UAF is publicly supported by all the main parties, in spite of this incident during the stand-off yesterday reported in the Mail:

"The sight of a Union flag angered supporters of the UAF, prompting a large number of protesters to go in search of its holder."

All the main parties, even the Conservative party, enthusiastically support an organisation which detests this country and its symbols and which is willing to use violence against anyone who does not.

Perhaps 1% of the population shares this hatred of Britain and its culture. I can't see it being any higher. Unfortunately, that 1% is the Establishment. They can use their power through the media to destroy anyone who advances a conflicting view.

Hence the Conservative party publicly allying with an organisation openly contemptuous of British culture.

Anonymous said...

Sadly Rob it's nothing like 1%. I'm guessing you don't know very many middle class people in the soft professions such as teaching, medicine, social work and law.

It's much closer to 25% or 30%. Scary.