Wednesday, 21 October 2009

♫ Well Tonight Thank God It's Them ... Suing Youuuu ♪

The Isle of Wight is only ickle, but they can go big on fuckwittery when pushed.

POLICE have delivered a major blow to an Island charity that recycles bicycles to Africa.

Hampshire Constabulary has cut off the supply of unclaimed stolen bikes from its lost property store — saying it feared being sued if someone was hurt using one.

Now, instead of being recycled and used, the bikes are scrapped.

So that's what these impoverished nations have been doing with all the money the world has been sending ... training 'no win, no fee' lawyers.

On the Island, Re-cycle has sent a total of 600 bikes to be used as Third World transport lifelines. More than half came from the police lost property department.

This doesn't say a lot for the detection skills of the IoW police really, does it?

H/T The awesome John Adams


banned said...

Same happened with batteries, tyres and even JCBs

JuliaM said...

Inspired post title! :)