Thursday, 29 October 2009

How Labour Work

When proposing ideological fuckwittery, Labour simply can't admit defeat, even when comprehensively destroyed by their own MSM mouthpiece, can they?

Having been proven, by his own admission, to have misled the house as to the scale of sex trafficking by regurgitating something he read in the Daily Mirror, of all organs, Denis McShane later admitted ...

I honestly don't know how many girls are trafficked into Britain

In which case, why didn't he just shut his ridiculous, lefty gob on the matter, instead of standing up and disseminating wild hysteria in the commons? I think we ought to know.

My guess would be that he is a Labour man, through and through. He doesn't care if what he says is correct, just that it fits Labour's anti-prostitution agenda. In fact, in this case, he doesn't even bother using some of the time that we fucking pay for, to properly research the matter. Just a quick skim of the Mirror before turning to Andy Capp will do. Then off to Westminster for a bit of a blather.

It must have truly stung him to be so publicly destroyed about it on Newsnight though, as this article in the Independent tends to illustrate.

Joan Smith: Make no mistake: sex trafficking is real

Maybe it is, maybe it isn't, Joan, love. The evidence would tend to confirm the latter, mind. But then you would say as you do, seeing as you are quite close to Denis McShane.

She is currently romantically involved with Denis MacShane, a Labour Party politician in the United Kingdom

This was pointed out in the comments of the online edition, but how many read the dead tree version and would not have made any connection?

And there we have it. McShane lied to parliament in order to bring in legislation which fit his personal objectives. He was brought to book for this on national TV, but showed no remorse, merely a wish that those who highlighted his shortcomings be removed.

Perhaps it is time to ask middle-aged male grandees from the Guardian and Newsnight to step aside and allow a different journalism (?) to examine the problem.

And, if that doesn't wash, simply get the other half to write a misdirectional piece without declaring an interest.

Oh yeah, and don't forget to gemmy the chiiildren into it somehow. I know it's difficult when talking about contracts between adults, but it has to be done.

It's a clash between people clinging to antiquated ideas from the 1960s – that men are entitled to sex whenever they want it – and those of us with a modern view of the rights of women and children.

There's a good girl. Have a biscuit.


Curmudgeon said...

Nail. Well. Hammered. In.

Dave H said...

Why does the spelling of his first name always make me read the D as a P?

Dave H said...

Sorry, explanation necessary: I was referring to Mr McShane.

BTS said...

Well played mate.

McShane: "It is not clear if David Cameron has taken an official position." I'm not sure that it's official but I have reliable information that he likes doggy style..