Thursday, 29 October 2009

Kick Away The Ladder, I'm OK

Tuesday night was a blast. A fine evening was polished off with a fine meal, in a fine restaurant, in a fine little village. A village, in fact, that featured in the national press a few years ago as containing a very high percentage of millionaires.

Which would be why, naturally, there was some loud-mouthed knob-gobbler on an adjacent table, availing himself of pricey cuisine, whilst explaining (deliberately?) loudly to his partner how the country was ruined by Thatcher, and that parents who send their kids to private or grammar schools are only doing so because they are 'snobs', are merely massaging their own egos, and have no care for the welfare of their children.

He didn't actually have 'cunt' tattooed on his forehead, but if he'd been sitting in the same seat, at the same time of day, on a Saturday night when the local rugby club tend to dine there, he may well have left decorated as such.

I was too mellow to react in customary style, and I didn't want this prick to put a dampener on my evening. A quick glance around other tables tended to suggest I was correct in my lethargy. Far from his pronouncements being taken seriously, there were quite a few knowing smirks.

You see, he was extremely well-spoken, and impeccably dressed. His very presence on a Tuesday night would lend itself to the assumption that he was probably rather well off himself and had, perhaps, benefitted from such an education to be so. Now, if that is the case, his argument falls flat and he is no more a beacon of socialism than Polly fucking Toynbee. The most execrable trait in those who have gained success on the back of education which they despise, is the inverted snobbery which dictates that the ladder must be kicked away for others who may well aspire to the same.

Now, there is the remote chance (you had to be there, and know the area, really) that he was a state boy done good. And if so, I would truly congratulate him. Except for the fact that, as socialists do, he was advocating a destruction of choice for those with whom his politics disagree. His view also shows a complete lack of regard for the consequences of the policies he was espousing, as Eamonn Butler mentioned yesterday.

Scrapping private education would place a huge additional burden on the state – leaving it with larger class sizes, or leaving taxpayers with higher taxes – all to fund the education of wealthier kids who the rest of us aren't paying for right now.

So, if this numbskull's ideas were to be followed through, the options for state school attendees would be further squeezed, and anyone who wished to become the state boy done good in the future would have a much more difficult task.

The ladder being kicked away. Again.

It matters not how this odious fucknut came into being, or how he managed to be successful enough to be enjoying an over-priced meal in a millionaires' playground in the middle of a recession. Either way, his disregard for others is stunning.

Such is the evil, selfish, nature of socialism. Politics of envy or assuaging of self-guilt. Neither is useful, but both are truly damaging.


Quiet_Man said...

Sounds like one of the Righteous at play. Denying the rest of us what he takes for granted sounds like one of their little ploys.

Corrugated Soundbite said...

So tomorrow's Anthony Crossland speaks. I don't know how you managed to NOT twat him one.

I went to one of the very worst secondary schools in Buckinghamshire. The fact it had "community" it its title should have been a dead giveaway. Yet somehow, despite everything (i.e. folks like his) best efforts, I managed to become a fairly decent computer programmer.

It comes to to brains and desire at the end of the day. I'm not that bright but I'm a grafter. People like him don't ever learn how to be grafters while their parents foot the bill. They don't want to be grafters, that's what us little people do. While they do roughly nothing.

What a muppet!

Pavlov's Cat said...

I bang on about this far too much in various comments.

But what you have said there sums up James ('Jim' now) Knight MP formerly Minister for Schools, Now Minister of the DWP.

Why do I bang on about this? I was in the same form as James Knight for 5 years at Eltham College a registered charity and Public School that he hates hate so much, along with selective grammar schools.

I recall being in the same English classes as him when we studied 1984, Animal Farm and Brave New World.

Yet where the majority of us took it as a warning, 'Jim' saw it as a list of instruction manuals.

Your fellow diner seems to be of the same ilk.

(BTW 'Jim' was once in a West End production of Oliver, whilst not a leading role, he obviously took to heart the lesson of "You've got to Pick A Pocket Or Two")

FYI: I was a Council Scholarship Boy, before that became an anathema to actually help the working classes, rather than dumb everyone down to the same level.

Barking Spider said...

Pity the chef didn't manage to put something in his food that would have left him clutching at his throat, drinking copious amounts of water, (which don't work), and running out of the restaurant and down the street with his mouth ablaze!

g1lgam3sh said...

Worthy of inclusion ...or not

JuliaM said...

"He didn't actually have 'cunt' tattooed on his forehead..."

Oh, I don't know. It was certainly reccognisable, wasn't it?

banned said...

I also wonder why so many Private/Grammar School educated Labour types are so keen to destroy the very institutions that made them, is it really a desire for squalid collective equality or just, as your phrase " kicking away the ladder " implies, sheer greed in not wanting anyone else to share what they have ?

" Up the Revolution ! " never sounded more enticing.

Comp School Lad.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

Able to afford an expensive restaurant in the middle of a recession?

Well it's easy, isn't it. You really should not need to puzzle about this. He was clearly a Public Sector employee, probably one of those jumped-up Town Clerks who call themselves "Chief Executive" now.

Dick Puddlecote said...

Corrugated Soundbite: Muppet was kinda like the word bouncing around my head while overhearing, although pronounced rather more like "cock".

Pavlov: Very interesting re: Knight. I suppose with career politicians, one's background or true beliefs don't matter as much as who is paying their wages.

Weekend Yachtsman: Good point re: public sector. That's definitely a possibility.

Angry Exile said...

He didn't actually have 'cunt' tattooed on his forehead...

Give me a chance, eh. I know I'm way behind but I keep running out of ink.

Anonymous said...

Not so long ago, someone would have blown a puff of smoke in his direction and that would have sent him clear warning he was overstepping the boundaries. That little puff of aromatic blend whisping about the room was the symbol of freedom that kept the elite airbags on guard that the proles not of their class were being vigilant and marking his words, matching it to his persona. With that now banned, then he might be surprised to find a knife in his back be the outcome one such night when he steps outside, given more polite forms of political expression have been outlawed. Yes, I might be saying one could have knifed him, but then that's just "me", how I react when denied the simply basic human pleasure of smoking for hours on end and forced to listen to high and mighty righteous drone on loudly in their typical pompous manner spouting champagne socialism unopposed. It's a bloody war going to come from it eventually, no different than the last world war, as that's how it started, and ended, last time around too.