Friday, 9 October 2009

Assault And Batty

Interesting to note that the rancid knuckle-dragging maggots who featured in the two recent, widely-circulated, 'payback' videos, have been promptly 'dealt with'.

Les Andrews, the scouse bonehead who was Hong Kong Phooeyed by an innocent householder who he'd attempted to bully, will rue the day he messed with the justice system, so he will.

Andrews, 23, was arrested and hit with a curfew for yobbery.

Likewise Dean Gardner and Jason Fender, the two gutter-dwellers who enjoyed spending their evenings terrorising Swansea pubgoers, until they picked on the wrong guys. They have been punished good and proper, and no mistake.

Gardner and Fender were ordered to carry out a four-month community order, during which they will be electronically tagged, and to pay prosecution costs of £85 each.

Now, perhaps I'm misguided here, but I was always of the opinion that one of the primary purposes of prison was to separate dangerous menaces from decent society. These three were filmed committing acts of violence on peaceful citizens which, had they not encountered people who were more than able to defend themselves, could have resulted in infinitely more serious situations.

They are useless, dangerously spiteful fucktards who have no right to leniency, yet have respectively gotten away with an early night, an ankle bracelet, a few hours work and a fine paid for by a week's 'social'.

And these are just two high-profile cases that we know about - the same 'harsh' sentences are being handed down to nasty, violent, anti-social fucks the length and breadth of the country, day after day.

So, who is going to prison, then? Here are two recent examples.

A Carlisle man has been jailed for not paying council tax.

Bryan Messenger, 56, of Orchard Street, off Botchergate, has been sentenced to 88 days in prison after he failed to pay more than £3,500.

Woman jailed for falsely claiming widow's pension

A 60-YEAR-OLD woman was jailed by Scarborough magistrates after falsely claiming nearly £18,000 in benefits.

Katrina Gibbon, of Green- lands Road, Pickering, failed to tell the Department for Work and Pensions that she had remarried and continued to claim a widow's pension from March 2000 until January 2008.

Well that's OK, then. We can all sleep soundly in our beds knowing that such animals are safely locked away.

Good grief.


Pat Nurse said...

Welcome to my world as a magistrates court reporter. This happens every day. In fact, it is so common to see those who do terrible things get a slap on the wrist, and those who make stupid mistakes get jailed, that I hardly notice the injustices anymore.

Anonymous said...

Tameside Magistrates
Greater Manchester Oct 2009

Driving without a licence and using
a mobile..............£250

Driving without insurance and

Star Inn pub non payment of Sky/
Cable fees..............£3546

Driving through a red light

Possesion of cannabis....£160

And now for the BIG ONE

Dropping of 2 cig butts AND

Are we all sitting down nicely
my fellow nice law abiding

..six hundred and eighty pounds...

Blue Anarchist

Jeff Wood said...

There is an excellent question raised here.

If disgusting little goblins are getting smacks on the wrist who, exactly, is filling our crowded jails?

At least, this time, the victims were not dragged to a dungeon, and the scrotes invited to be witnesses for the prosecution.

banned said...

It's because the yobs only present a threat to we the public whereas those gaoled are attacking the States teat, ie denying them money.

Anonymous said...

Bryan Messenger, 56, of Orchard Street, should have read this

Angry Exile said...

As banned said, council tax etc = crime against the state = far more serious, possibly unforgivable, close to being on a par with original sin and not doing what God fucking told you in the first place. Beating each other up and stealing from each other and rape and so on = meh. The only fucking reason they don't like the sheeple killing each other is the loss of a taxpayer.

Pat Nurse said...

From what I've seen, I reckon the lower courts are more about tax collection than justice, and sometimes more about social work than punishment for those who have fallen through the community care system.

When jail is a must, it is usually the law that allows the worst offenders to get off lightly.

The recent horrible dog fighting case, for example, that included animal execution and torture, can only, by law, be heard at a magistrates court and it carries, again by law, a maximum sentence of 6 months in prison.

The defendants got between 18 and 26 WEEKS but they will only serve half of that because that's what the law allows. Utter madness.

neil craig said...

£18,000 is a lot of money to tell her "there there, now please don't do it again".

bayard said...

@AE Exactly. I am sure 'twas ever thus. I think the problem is that two world wars caused society to briefly behave in a way that makes people now expect things to be different. Sorry, this is the norm. Any variation is an aberration.