Saturday, 24 October 2009

See No Evil

Look. Can we just fucking bomb Scotland?

Stung by the oft-highlighted anomaly of tobacco displays being banned whilst adult mags are still permitted to be visible, Glenrothes Labour fucktard, Lindsay Roy, has decided that the discrepancy must be addressed.

Now, here's a little pop quiz for you. Does he:

a) Relax one rule to fit in with the other? Or ...
b) Propose even more overweening quaker-like legislation?

Clue: He is a Labour MP. And he is Scottish.

Yep, you got it.


Roy, Lindsay

That this House believes that politicians, retailers, publishers and distributors have a collective responsibility to protect children and young people from displays of sexually graphic material that they are not emotionally equipped to deal with; calls for an urgent review of existing guidelines drawn up between the Home Office and the National Federation of Retail Newsagents; further believes that such a review must consider the availability of sexually graphic publications to children and young people, the positioning of these publications on the shelves of retailers, the potential for concealing these publications in bags and consider the question of age-rating such publications; and further believes that failure to follow the revised guidelines could lead to calls for legislation covering all aspects of the availability and display of sexually graphic material to children and young people throughout the retail and publishing industries.

In short, guidelines saying they must be hidden should be brought in, and if they are ignored, a new law will be implemented.

It begs the question ... why the need for guidelines if you have made your fucking mind up anyway? Don't waste our time, you prick.

Oh yeah, and can you please stop using a first name as your surname and vice versa. It's very confusing. It sounds like a woman proposing this (which would be more understandable), instead of a male, hideously puritan, recently elected, provincial lickspittle, desperate to ingratiate himself with the leaders of his discredited and megamaniacal party of prurient, disconnected Stalinists, by illustrating that he is of an equally wasteful, bansturbatory, and anti-business nature.

Anyhow. Cutting through the crap, he doesn't want you to see this in your local WH Smith.

(Click to enlarge as you no doubt want to)

But one can confidently bet that the law will not be applied as enthusiastically to this.

Because, within the Labour party, there is a distinct difference.

I don't know about you, but I'm all for Scottish independence.


TheBigYin said...

All retailers will be forced to follow the Argos model. "Customer 211 come to the counter please."

Bigyin, The

bayard said...

The Scots have always had a strong puritanical streak -think of the "Free Church" - so yes, vote for independence, (followed by border controls - make 'em smoke a fag and drink a glass of vodka before they're allowed into England)

Angry Exile said...

Come to Bonnie Scotland. It may not be as much fun as some Sharia law desert in the Middle East, but on the upside it's fucking cold and frequently pisses rain.

Miserable bastards.

Anonymous said...

Someone ought to ask Mr. Roy where the fuck the electoral records from the Glenrothes by-election have gone.

Julian H said...

My God, that brunette on the front "Nuts" is sizzling.

It is a shame that the birthplace of much classical liberal thought (Scotland I mean, not Nuts) hasn't embraced it in recent times. I'm largely indifferent on the Union / independence, although I'd guess that a spell of independence may actually reveal the failings of socialism quite swiftly, resulting in a possible renaissance for liberalism.

For a truly liberal Scot in the blogosphere, see the excellent Cicero's Songs.

Curmudgeon said...

Freedom and Whisky is another good libertarian Scottish blog (whose title obviously appeals to the likes of me), although he's been fairly quiet recently.

If the Scots want independence, good luck to them, and then see how they whinge when the evil English close down all the RAF and RN bases, with the associated loss of employment and money put into the local economy. I bet there aren't many SNP voters in Garelochhead.

Mark Wadsworth said...

DP, once fakecharity the Farrah Fawcett Society set off this meme about "pornography in the workplace", we knew where it would lead.

banned said...

The last time porno mags in newsagents were discussed they decided to put them all on the top shelf; since then I have been disconcerted more than a few times to see the children climbing on top of one another to gain access, not infrequently tumbling to the floor as a result.

This simply cannot be allowed to go on.

Anonymous said...

But I bet a ban wouldnt include magazines produced for the 'homosexual community'.
Nick Griffin is right. 2 men kissing in public is creepy.

Anonymous said...

These haggis nibbling,pictish,
prattling ,puritanical,Calvinistic
McTossers are beginning to crawl
up my pure cotton slacks.
Not only are they mind melting
bores but they are now spoiling
my evenings blog viewing not to
mention my Earl Grey and Vanilla
Lift your anchor and go and join
that other North Atlantic shithole
Iceland, and take the other Celtic
Portaloos with you.

Athelstans axe sharpener

Reason said...

The last Friday of each month is “Feminist Friday”. Whereby nutters from various groups such as Object, and Farrah Fawcett Sociey descend on a London rail terminus then march to the nearest branch of W H Smith where they put the “offending” publications into bags with slogans on them such as “All men are evil”. They then terrorise W H Smith staff and any customers nearby. The next one is this Friday (30 October) destination: Liverpool Street Station meet in McDonalds at 6pm.

Access for all said...

Surely putting porno mags on the top self must be against some disability access law. It discriminates against wheelchair users!

Reason said...

Sorry meet in Burger King not McD.

Here's the full message:

Hi Everyone,

Our next Feminist Friday will be Friday 30th October.

Time: 6pm

Location: Liverpool Street Station (Meet in the Burger King seating area opposite Boots)

If you want to join in, please email me so that I know who to look out for and get an idea of numbers: alisondear@...

Things to bring if you can/have them: Paper bags that will fit over magazines, marker pens, clipboard, Object t-shirt if you have one. We will also bring some leaflets and petitions.

Let's draw more people's attention to the inappropriateness of mainstream sexism in an age where women are reaching positions of power in the world and yet are simultaneously discriminated against as a class in these types of magazines.

Paper bags on sexist mags!

Hope to see you all there.

In solidarity


banned said...

What Access For All said "Surely putting porno mags on the top self must be against some disability access law." Is very very true; retailers are providing a service to the public, in which case that service must be equally available to those with disability.It's The Law.

Reason said...

Here are the photos from the latest “Feminist Friday” whereby nutters from various groups such as Object, and Farrah Fawcett Sociey descended on WH Smith in Paddington station and put the “offending” publications into bags with slogans.