Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Now That's What I Call Good Business

Do you think the predictable furore surrounding this, and the glorious repartee offered by this, might have been, in some way, preparing for this?

Independent brewer Brewdog is using the internet to sell 10,000 shares in the business.

The Scottish brewer has called the online scheme “Equity for Punks” and is offering the shares at £230 each.

It said the £2.3 million raised by selling the shares via will provide the funding for “the world’s first carbon neutral eco-brewery” in Aberdeen.

Investors will own part of the brewery and will also receive a lifetime 20% discount on Brewdog beer.

Because I do. Inspired.

Brewdog, I am saluting you right now with one of your own (31p off in Tesco, earlier - tight fucker, me).


Sue said...

"However the name of the beer proves that once again this company is failing to acknowledge the seriousness of the alcohol problem facing Scotland."

Don't you just want to tell them to piss off and die? Leave us alone and perhaps they'll be less alcoholics in the UK!

Jeez, they don't have this problem in Spain!

manwiddicombe said...

I'm sorely tempted to part with the £230 .. .. ..

Pogo said...

I might too... Except for the "carbon neutral" bollocks.

banned said...

Alcohol Focus Scotland Fake Charity

Vote on the statement " Cheap alcohol is damaging health and society, I support minimum pricing (? )"
We are already winning 68% - 32 % Yay !

banned said...

Update, democracy in action. Alcohol Focus Scotland 10:30 Thurs 22/10 " Cheap alcohol is damaging health and society, I support minimum pricing (? )"

94% No - 6% Yes 4104 votes

Dick Puddlecote said...

Excellent. I'm in there somewhere. :-)