Monday, 12 October 2009

Claiming Good, Contributing Bad

Seeing as the AA are giving advice as to how innocent drivers can avoid being taken to the cleaners by the government during postal strikes ...

"Although insurers and DVLA send out reminders, these may of course be delayed in the post and it remains your responsibility to check your existing tax disc and insurance certificate to ensure that you renew them in good time. A postal strike will not be accepted as an excuse for failing to renew either."

... this inspired vid is even more relevant.


Unknown said...

Correct me if I am wrong but am I the only person who has heard the radio advert telling you to keep your details up to date with the nice people at the DVLA so that they can send you your reminders on time (I can't remember the rest of the ad as I switch off but reckon it has something to do with not missing the date etc)

Therefore how can they say that this is your responsibility when they advertise that if you keep your details up to date it is theirs?

Something stinks here

Add this to them selling on our information and you get more corrupt moneygrabbing shite as you go along.

O, and have we all been checking our driving licences? Mine runs out in 2011 but that isn't advertised very well either, and it is a bloody huge fine!


banned said...

Like Bearwitch I change station as soon as I hear the start of another dreary govt. ad telling me to do this or don't do that.

My lifelong driving license also runs out in a few years, just in time for them to re-issue it combined with a voluntary ID card, larks.

Postal strike. Who really cares? DVLA - visit fairly close local office, Insurance - internet. Sorted.

Anonymous said...

I've just paid my fine for failure to send in a SORN. As a pleb, although I've behaved morally by keeping my car off the road, I must be punished for a technical breach of the law while our MPs get away with immorally stealing our money because the rules allow them to.

I sniggered this morning at the radio report that yesterday the ba*tards were humiliated at the sight of journalists waiting to see their reactions when they opened their letters. Aw....