Sunday, 4 October 2009

Hypothesising Harman

Let's put on our lefty, risk-averse, 'think of the chiiildren' hat for a moment.

Taking into account the fact that Harriet Harman sufficiently lost control to enable smashing into a stationary car, while illegally talking on her mobile, one could say that her driving could be classed as reckless.

Now, if a kid had stepped out at the very moment that Harman lost control, she could easily have killed or seriously injured said child. Yes? Therefore, she should be jailed.

Very contrived, don't you think?

Perhaps. But let's hope for Harman's sake that she doesn't come up in front of a beak like this one in March.

Motorcyclist Robert Bennett who was caught speeding at 122mph [for 10 seconds] with his 14-year-old son riding pillion has been jailed for six months. (emphasis mine)

Sentencing him at Exeter Crown Court, Judge Phillip Wassall told him: "If you had burst a tyre or [if] someone coming the other way had pulled out you would have lost control of the bike.

"Had you lost control, the motorcycle would have become a missile and it is certain there would have been a serious accident or highly probably the death of at least one other road user."

Just saying, is all.


Unknown said...

Dick, didn't this accident of Harman's happen back in come we never heard about it then?

I can't possible imagine any action being taken against her.

BTS said...

I suppose it would depend on the sex of the child. If it were a little boy Harriet would probably argue that he was just going to grow up to be a man anyway..

manwiddicombe said...

How could you compare the proper and deserving sentence that the eeeeeevvvvviiilllll man received with the actions of Ms Harriet? It doesn't make any sense. He's not even a local councillor, let alone an MP.

Witterings from Witney said...

Lets take the hypothesising to its ultimate 'dream' end, DP

What IF Harperson had not even been born?


Also: is she God's revenge to/on/for all men?

Anonymous said...

@WFW. Quite the reverse! When Harman eventually does go biting some dust, she will bring joy to the hearts of every man in the land.

God made her for the pleasure of the maximum number of men.

Martin S said...

She must have forgotten she was a socialist for a moment and went into: "ex-public school pupil mode" hence her shouting at the proles: "I'm terribly important. You know how to contact me!" Yes, tugging forelock and on bended knee.

nannyknowsbest said...

Stuff it. If she doesn't get jailed, then let's all march on westmonster and lynch the bitch.
I am SO sick of these fecking bastards simply putting themselves above the very statutes (not laws) they impose on the rest of us.
It is time to hang one (or all of them) from a convenient tree (as is our lawful right - if it's not it fecking well should be and I now propose such a law and my wife seconded it).
E- Fecking nough I say.

Witterings from Witney said...


'Pleasure'? - suffice to say 'after you' and then 'you can have my turn'!

Dick Puddlecote said...

Edgar: "God made her for the pleasure of the maximum number of men."

I think you're confusing Harman with Annabel Chong. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Chris said:
" come we never heard about it then?"

Too soon after this perhaps?

The comments there are also quite interesting - some 'rallying round' apparently going on but unable to see it through to the end, judging by the final comments.

banned said...

I wanna know why the bitch really crashed ? Was she drunk ? Blaming it on illegally using her 'phone won't do, everyone else manages that perfectly well ( allegedly ).