Sunday, 25 October 2009

Epic Authoritarian Fail In Ireland

The Irish tobacco controllers have been achieving some spectacular results recently.

Smoking rate soars up to one third despite ban

A THIRD of the Irish population now smokes, a new survey reveals.

A survey of 4,082 people this summer revealed that 33pc of the Irish population had taken up or continued to smoke.

It is the highest smoking rate recorded here in the past 11 years, according to the EU's 'HELP -- For A Life Without Tobacco' campaign.

The survey, which was conducted between March and September, revealed the largest group of smokers -- 45pc -- is aged between 16 and 30.

Still, at least the anti-smoking loons' efforts have contributed to a massive reduction in other areas.

Property brokers now estimate prices for pubs have sunk as much as 40pc with Ireland suffering the worst collapse in its modern history.

In Ireland, sales are tumbling as unemployment edges beyond 12pc and taxes rise. That's amplifying a trend toward drinking at home, started by the 2004 ban on smoking in public places.

At least 4,800 pub jobs were cut in the past year, the Vintners Federation of Ireland said in an August report.

Sterling work, I think you'll agree.


BTS said...

"Prof Luke Clancy, a respiratory consultant and director general of the Research Institute for a Tobacco Free Society last night described the statistics as very disappointing."

While rubbing his hands with glee because he's now going to keep his job and get to recommend ever more persecution for the smokers 'for their own good'..

Barking Spider said...

I suppose they are happy because the traditional pubs are all going to the wall - that's one less place where we can gather to talk about them in a negative manner! NEXT!!!

Belinda said...

This article states how shopkeepers have seen a significant drop in cigarette sales since the display ban was brought in. Smoking has gone up even though sales have gone down. Somebody's gaining something and it's not the Irish Treasury.

Anonymous said...

Even better news for the Irish
smoker which may send a shiver up the Taxman's and shopkeepers spines.

The Mexican/Colombian** cartels
facing massive clampdowns from
the US and Mexican Governments
will now have their peepers on the
European $70 Billion baccy trade
and Ireland is just the job for
a first stage.

** These cabbaleros are not old
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The witch from Essex said...

Isn't this the real aim of 'anti tobacco' to make the smokers figures higher ?
No wonder big tobacco didn't protest at all the bans and demonisation of smokers. They knew that prohibition of a product makes that product more attractive especially to the young.
Their profits are up from the 'new smokers' and the idiots that believe that NRT is the answer to all the world ills have played into big pharma's hands.
Two huge industries that are getting richer on the back of governments anti smoking measures !! How many of the worlds politicians and medical professions are in the pay of these giants.

Andy Davis said...

So the ban continues to encourage smoking. Thats a 6% increase in only 5 years in Ireland. Whats more the main target group of the de-normalisation program, has expanded way beyond the older generations for whom smoking was accepted anywhere. The conclusion of anti-tobacco? Higher taxation and further coercion. Which of course means, More black market tobacco and make forbidden fruit even more enticing.
Of course the whole issue is all about health.
If it were, then there would be by now, recognition that bans and coercion have the opposite effect, and that these failed measures be reversed.
Instead, with the Liberty Salami slicer in perpetual motion,these figures will invite further restrictions and increased state sponsored drug pushing. Meanwhile the Dog and Duck closes down as Johnson and Johnson merrily pile up the cash.

Junican said...

One cannot help but notice that this info came from the EU. Therefore, one can place no trust in the veracity of the report.

The report may just be a ploy to justify further demonisation of the enjoyment of tobacco.

Imagine the situation where a report showed a massive decrease in the consumption of tobacco. In that case, there would be no need to afflict the people with further restrictions since the policy is working. Because of this report, the EU bureaucrats have good reason to persecute smokers even more. For this reason, I take this report with a pinch of salt.

If it is true, then it shows that the people refuse to be dictated to. It is as simple as that.

I notice that the Spanish have just increased the price of cigarettes by 10%. It is now becoming less attractive to go to Spain on holiday and buy some cigarettes to bring home. One might as well go to Bognor Regis. Thus, the Spanish tourist industry, the aircraft industry, etc suffer. Brilliant!

Who gains from the decimation of our industries? Oh! The EU bureaucrats of course!

Is it just, remotely possible that if we elect a Conservative Government, the powers that be will take steps to curtail the massive waste of our money involved in the EU interference in what are, essentially, local matters?

I cannot see it because the Tories are so busy spinning their publicity machine in order to attract the female vote among other things that, if they are elected, they will simply not have the foggiest idea what actually to do when they are elected.

What I am really looking forward to is the publication of the party manifestos before the election. In view of the farce of the Labour manifesto pledges as regards the smoking ban, it should be fun.

Anonymous said...

@Junican - they might as well save a few trees as the manifestoes aren't worth the paper they're written on. Labour, when challenged about their breach of the referendum promise, even went to the courts to have it confirmed that a manifesto promise isn't legally binding. That the electorate considers it morally binding, of course, cuts no ice with an immoral Government.

Still, fun to see what they all think matters to the children, as they call us.


banned said...

Not just an excuse to bring in yet more rules and reglations ( no smoking in any vehicle whatever will be next, as already trialled in the Channel Isles ).
Loads more cash need to RESEARCH the problem of increased smoking.

Dick Puddlecote said...

Banned: "Loads more cash need to RESEARCH the problem of increased smoking."

Indeed. Self-perpetuating rent-seeking.

Junican: It shows the lack of trust we have for these organisations now. The thought that this could be a massaged study to prepare for next year's triumphal stats, 'proving' that hiding tobacco displays has decimated youth smoking, had crossed my mind too.