Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Not All Industries Shut For Snow

What sort of shitbag does something like this?

Ice-cold clamper shows no compassion for driver's dilemma

An estate agent had a lucky escape when his car slid off the road, but later returned to rescue his vehicle only to discover it had been clamped. Mark Rigby, 29, of Amberley Gardens, Bedford, was travelling to his office in Allhallows, when his Volkswagen Golf skidded on a patch of black ice.

[Mr Rigby said], "I didn't decide to park it where it was, I was trying to get to our car parking spaces but it slipped off a ramp and I couldn't get it out of the snow.

After I paid for the clamp to be removed it took 20 minutes to dig all of the snow from around the car."

What say the clampers?

A spokesman for SIA Security Ltd said: "We spoke to the driver who said that the car had slid off the road but it is our policy that once the clamp is fitted a fee must be paid before it can be released."

Or, roughly translated, 'computer says no'. It's rather galling that while most of the country had a lie-in, this guy braved the {cough} global warming to get to work and was hit with a £125, yes £125, fine.

Mr Rigby said: "I understand that people have a job to do but you really would have thought that common sense would have prevailed."

Hahahaha ... how long have you lived in this country, Mark?

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banned said...

The clampers say that he has the opprtunity 'to appeal'; what sort of judicial oversite is in place there ?
In Scotland you will recall, clamping is regarded as 'demanding money with menaces ' and thus illegal.