Tuesday 28 September 2010

A Councillor Writes

Off out volunteering my sports administration services again tonight, but before that here is a quick update to a previous article of mine ... which in turn was a quick update of an even earlier one.

The recent piece detailing how London Borough, Sutton Council, managed to waste £11 million in just under a year attracted a late comment from Paul Scully, the blogging Sutton councillor I mentioned. I'd be surprised if anyone spotted this, so it's worth reproducing it here.

It seems the Lib Dems in Sutton are still at it.

"It gets better. Sutton Council has just blown £100,000 'launching' the revamped High Street. 250 people turned up to watch some performance artists dangling from a crane. That's £400 for each member of the audience.

The Council hired Cafe Nero for a drinks do for the VIPs, oblivious to the fact that the only independent coffee shop on the High Street had closed the previous year.

A spokesman for TfL explained how they had created a welcoming space. Well, the space was there before, they've just changed the bricks and filled it with crap. Despite the launch over the weekend, they've started digging some of it up again to lay some cable to make the lights work.

(BTW, half of the £100k was from the Arts Council so any readers not from Sutton, you've put your hand in your pocket for this too I'm afraid.)"
Perhaps, if they have an hour or so free, someone might like to pop down to Sutton Town Hall and define words such as 'recession', 'deficit', 'economise', and 'council tax receipts don't come from a magic fucking tap, you know' to the majority Lib Dumbs.

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Northampton Saint said...

Limp Dumps in Northampton are serious arses too. Currently blocking redevelopement of Franklin's Gardens rugby stadium, due to the fact thet Saints proposal to fund it is to sell land for an Asda store (creating jobs and providind shopping for all the new houses in the area). Reason given is that it would take trade away from the town center. Never mind the high parking costs, advancement of intenet shopping etc, etc.

Oh, did i mention Councilor Church (LD) owns a fine china shop in the town? Sure Asda will be stocking LOADS of that