Saturday 11 September 2010

Link Tank 11/09

A dozen of the usual subjects

"Only the state rewards negative behaviour"

High cigarette taxes have led to a rise in New York crime

Introducing the Islington English Dictionary and Liberal Phrasebook

Jesus loves porn stars: The pastor and Ron Jeremy

'Helicopter' parents are teaching their kids to be helpless

Toying with ignorance

Global warming is bullshit, says Ryanair boss

Ontario proposes $3,000 fine for dropping a cigarette butt

The 'atomic cake' controversy of 1946

Using e-cigs to quit is bad because, unlike other methods, err ... it's fun?

Adultery is damned expensive in North Carolina

Ancient Nubians brewed antibiotic beer


Anonymous said...

Driving through traffic lights on red................$75

Teeanager driving over the limit

Dropping cig butt....$3000

Comments most welcome from honks,
nesbits,limp wristed jellytots,
flopsies,latter day arseholes,
CAMRA frothies and cauldron
chefs at the Nattering Nanny Institute,ASH.

Paramount All Nation Chief.
Smoking Wolf who walks at Dawn

Anonymous said...

Something very sinister going on in Canadian politics is there not.
Bit like an experiment .

BTS said...

E-cigs article:

“There are a lot of ways to do it (quit smoking that is),” Bailey says. “Many people are able to quit on their own, even if they failed miserably in the past. The average successful quitter has failed five or six times in the past. So don’t give up.”

I'm sold.