Sunday 5 September 2010

Labour: A Seething Pit Of Racism

Via Obo, it seems Tom Harris has been accused of racism.

I AM A racist.

I had no idea up until this morning, when I was informed that my racism has manifested itself in a particularly ugly act of race-oriented bigotry and vindictiveness: I have not made a financial contribution to Diane Abbott’s leadership campaign.
Strangely enough, Diane Abbott has also been accused in the past.

Labour leadership candidate Diane Abbott is at the centre of a race row after describing David Cameron and Nick Clegg as 'two posh white boys'.

Miss Abbott, 56, has previously faced accusations of racism after suggesting that the 'blonde blue-eyed Finnish girls' working in her local hospital were unsuitable as nurses because they had 'never met a black person before'.

Miss Abbott has positioned herself as an anti-racism campaigner and once claimed that Britain had 'invented racism'.
She's nearly correct. In Britain, Labour 'invented' the spurious racism insult and have abused it to such an extent that just a mention of skin colour - or even a preference for one person over another, as Harris has just discovered - is considered racist.

Presumably, now I've mentioned that the racist tag is highly overused, I can now be termed racist for not taking the issue of racism seriously. Meanwhile, true racists can revel in a new found anonymity as we all join them on the naughty step.

Isn't this fun? Mama, weer all racist now.


Anthony Rhodes Fraser said...

But they are two white Posh boys... Its reality.

Anthony Rhodes Fraser said...

And they are both moneyed rich white posh boys.

They were born with a silver spoon in their mouths.

Cameron went to Eton You have to put the boys name down at birth... And its not cheap. Its about £40000 a year for the fees. Its a massive amount of money

Anonymous said...

When they've nobody left to accuse. When the coffers are dry through lack of public funding. When their politically correct witch hunts have alienated the vast majority of Society outside of their own beloved public sector. Then and only then, what else is there left to do, but look inwardly and start a war amongst their own by attacking each other.

Ah Socialism!!!!

This would be amusing if the rest of us poor saps hadn't been subjected to far worse for the last thirteen Years and more.

Mark Wadsworth said...

"Mama, we're all razist now". Genius!

As to Diane Abbot, 56 - would that be 56 years or 56 stone?

Anonymous said...

Anthony Rhodes said:

But they are two white Posh boys... Its reality.

Any fuckwit knows that but let's look at the bigger picture here; had we called Diane Abbot a 'posh black girl' then that would certainly be construed as racism. No doubt calling her a 'girl' could also be played upon as sexist also. Ah equality, don't you just love it?

Anonymous said...

Mark Wadsworth said:

As to Diane Abbot, 56 - would that be 56 years or 56 stone?

I reckon that's the amount of times she bounces, when she falls over and hits the ground.

Anonymous said...

Lets be honest about the daft Abbot,
Idi Amin could have won her seat
or even Pol Pot after a couple of weeks in Benidorm.

Shyster,with honours.

Working Class Hero