Wednesday 8 September 2010

The Girl Can't Help It

Day one of the new session at Westminster and bansturbator extraordinaire Caroline Flint was out of the traps like some jet pack assisted Mick the Miller.

- To ask the Secretary of State for Health what recent assessment he has made of the effectiveness of his Department's Change4Life campaign.
- To ask the Secretary of State for Health what recent assessment his Department has made of the effectiveness of the voluntary industry agreement to place health warnings on the labels of alcoholic drinks.
- To ask the Secretary of State for Health what recent representations his Department has received in support of a minimum unit price for alcoholic products.
- To ask the Secretary of State for Health what recent representations his Department has received on the prohibition of smoking in cars carrying children; and if he will make a statement.
- To ask the Secretary of State for Culture, Olympics, Media and Sport if he will bring forward proposals to prohibit the advertising on television of foods high in salt, sugar or fat before 9.00 pm.
Flint, you may remember, was one of the chief architects of the smoking ban, and is remembered for banning biscuits when at the Foreign Office.

Some women have an addiction to chocolate, shopping, shoes etc - Caroline's naughty vice is interfering in every aspect of your life. She just has to have that latest illiberal ban ... it's 'to die for', didn't you know?

I'm sure there are many who enjoy watching her sashay around parliament but, personally, I think she's already been back for a day too long. What she needs is another nice relaxing holiday - five years trussed up in a basement in Cornwall should suffice.


Snowolf said...

Naaah, you don't want to use a basement, someone'll only hear her banging and shouting.

You want to use an old tin mine instead.

The Filthy Engineer said...

A flooded Tin Mine?

Anonymous said...

I saw her first

Hang on there DP...before you tie her up and throw her in a basement - at least let me give her a good shagging first.

She must be worth that much!


Bucko said...

I've got a question to ask her:

"Shut the fuck up!!!"

Oh wait, that wasn't a question.

Dick Puddlecote said...

Snowolf: Very good point.

TFE: That too

Anon: You like being nagged while on the job, then?

Bucko: Just put a ? in amongst the !s and it is. ;)

Sam Duncan said...

Personally, I'd like to ask the Secretary of State for Health what information he has on the negative effects of Caroline Flint on the nation's blood pressure.

Anonymous said...

Sam Duncan has a point. If everyone reading this wrote to the health secretary requesting that Flint's questions be limited in the interests of public health together with those of the equally odious Kevin Barron then we could probably amass more respondents from the general public than she claims in the name of her support for the car smoking ban. What fun it would be to then get an appropriate MP to ask the question.

Anonymous said...

This dismal madame needs introducing to our Arab friends in
Coventry where ancient Bedouin
rituals have been wrecked by
Flints ban extras

Bedouin tent in backyard of restaurant was "to comfortable"

Coventry Local News
"On the first day of the trial, the city council’s prosecutor said an outdoor bedouin tent at the back of the restaurant was considered too enclosed to be a designated smoking area."

Now I am not usually in favour of
Sharia punishments but for Ms
Flint I am sure we can make an exception

I would have thought by now someone would have corked up this
dried out sow for good.

Pissed of with feminist,freaking,
interfering,clapped out,unloved
puritanical old fartlettes.

BTS said...

It's been ages since I last encountered Caroline Flint. Or, to be precise, encountered Caroline Flint's tits. Strangely enough that was on a blog too..

TURTLE said...

Well i'm just about fucked off with all this healthy shit now. First it was fags, then booze, then unhealthy food and next on the list is healthy food & mineral water.. I guess in the end we are all doomed to live in a solar powered cave, wearing an organic loincloth whilst in charge of an Eco-friendly dinosaur farm paying above the minimum wage.. That guy was right. She needs a damn good Rogering to shut her up.....

Jiks said...

I'm informed a ball gag is cheap and effective.

Anonymous said...

Well least we can get a fair picture od the kind of lobbyists who are BRIBING Flint thieving moon faced sow.