Wednesday 22 September 2010

Late Night Assembly

Nothing insightful here (Oi! We've done the 'there never is' quip before, OK?), just a few autumnal notices.

Firstly, for those who have been adding to the psychotic anti-smoker catalogue, my apologies for the delay in publishing, it probably appeared that they were being rejected. That doesn't actually happen here - never has done, never will - it's just that Blogger brought in a spam filter which snagged quite a few posts without my knowledge. I know where the little bugger is now, so it won't happen again.

Secondly, it's been quiet here today as I've been ... a) getting over a very rare cold, b) taking to task a little shit who wants full payment for a partly performed job, and c) reading something of a riot act to the little Ps. The first two are temporary, but c) could mean that posting will be lighter in future as there really does appear to be no other option than to spend my time teaching them the gaps which the education I'VE ALREADY FUCKING PAID FOR can't be arsed to cover.

Worry not. It's only the little things like, you know, lateral thinking, diligence, application, and knowledge of anything outside of the national curriculum. Mrs P called a post-bedtime summit where a resolution was passed that I don the mortar board tomorrow.

Lastly, it would be remiss of me if I didn't point out - for those who haven't already seen it - a timely spot by the Curmudgeon which highlights, again, the arrogant and absurd nature of those who our lethargic MPs seem to implicitly trust.

As I mention in the comments, it's increasingly common for 'experts' to claim that a complete vacuum of evidence is not a reason to resist laws which collectively punish the entire population.

My boot is seriously twitching tonight ... the cat has wisely hidden himself away.


Frank Davis said...

You wouldn't kick your cat, would you?

The cat is not to blame. For anything at all.

Free the One Puddlecote Cat!

subrosa said...

Naw Frank he wouldn't kick his cat would you Dick?

Hope you're getting over your cold. It's been what my Dad used to call a 'beezer' this one here too - in fact there are two suffers here but I'm denying one much sympathy as he was responsible for bringing the misery from the golf course.

Good luck with the wee ones. It will be an experience. :)

Off back to bed. Damn cough keeps waking me up.

Woodsy42 said...

The problem is that you now have a generation of 'experts' who have never been taught critical or logical thinking skills.
Most of the quangoes and even many of the so-called sciences are stuffed with them. Everywhere from ASH to environmentalists.
The saddest thing is that many are not willfully stupid or even deliberately vindictive, they have effectively been trained to not see or recognise an opposing point of view.

BTS said...

Hey! Teacher! Leave them cats alone!

Besides, I need him where he is to keep the knight pinned..