Wednesday 29 September 2010

Happy Meal With Heroin Burger Please

If you thought the yanks were barking, you obviously haven't seen this insanity from Australia.

Because, you see, fast food is now 'child abuse'.

You were warned, you know.

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Angry Exile said...

I'm not sure that's made for the Aussie domestic TV market. Normally non-commercial public info and partisan type ads have to have a bit of guff at the end along the lines of 'authorised by the Commonwealth government, Canberra', 'authorised by the Victorian government' for state stuff (usually nanny state, natch) or 'authorised by the [name of pressure group]' for anything non-govt but clearly not impartial. I suspect they're either a bunch of do-gooder bignoses hoping for a viral result or a bunch of do-gooder bignoses waiting for some health department of fake charity to give them money for it. It's bullshit anyway - I can't recall seeing a fat kid here but I've seen plenty eating burgers. Might be something to do with sports being popular, encouraged and realistic, as in bowling overarm ;-) , and not getting rained off by the miserable weather all the time (okay, that doesn't necessarily apply in Melbourne).

Snowolf said...

C'mon Dick, 'fess up, you commissioned this, didn't you?

There's no way in the fucking world that someone has made that for real. Surely, it just is not possible.

Is it?


Christopher Snowdon said...

These people need psychiatric help.

Leg-iron said...

Maybe it's age, but I increasingly feel the urge to end discussions with these Righteous rather abruptly, by judicious application of a two-pound lump hammer. Talking to them seems such a waste of breath now.

Although if they really have invented an injectable hamburger, that would save a lot of time...

Dick Puddlecote said...

AE: No, it's intended as a viral. There's a Facebook group inviting discussion here.

tonedial said...

I tried to vote 'dislike' on you tube.It wouldn't register.

Christopher Snowdon said...

A Facebook page that won't accept comments. This site IS taking comments.

It seems no public money was spent on this garbage. Just some crappy production company trying to get some notoriety. Still worrying to see how many people in the puritan stronghold of Australia like it though.

Fascist Hippy said...


Angry Exile said...

DP, thought so. So the question is whether it's so mad that we should all help it go viral and let people see how ridiculous these nannying fuckwits are getting. If it isn't it's surely getting there.

Snowdon, it'll be the small but vocal lentil munching contingent. They're the ones who can't decide what's worst about a good barbie: that an animal was raised to be killed and eaten, the warble gloaming associated with cooking it, or the fact that doing so outdoors encourages people to enjoy a beer and maybe even a fag before the meat's ready. Everyone else will be wondering if they can get the last snag without seeming impolite.

Angry Exile said...

[evil grin]

Heroin: it's as harmless as a cheeseburger.

[/evil grin]

Reverse Dutch Steamboat said...

Teach your children to bully fat children. By doing so, you:
(a) prevent your children from becoming fat
(b) turn some of their fat playmates into normal people
(c) humiliate some of their fat playmates into understanding that they are worthless; and
(c) drive the remainder of their fat playmates to suicide.

Angry Exile
Australians have become amazingly rotund in the ten years since I left.

But you are correct about these cunts angling for government business. Fucking parasitical twats.

I left Australia because it's full of curtain-peeping wowsers. How you manage is beyond me, but I'll drop in on your blog and fulminate there.

BTS said...

Putting the H back in 'Hamburger'..

BTS said...

Fuck, I hope that the next time I visit MaccyD's someone asks if I want scag with that.

Stewart Cowan said...

What about the thimerosal (mercury preservative) in vaccines?

This is a poison which actually IS injected into babies and children.

But hey, let's not worry about that. Let's feed growing bodies with mercury and aspartame (which causes obesity) and blame everything on fat, salt and smoke.

The real issues get largely shoved away to make way for propaganda aimed at controlling our lives.

It seems you can get away with any amount of control by pretending they are health and "equality" related.

"You can't do that, it's bad for you (and others around you)."

"You can't say that, you might hurt someone's feelings if you disagree. (And you might be committing a 'hate' thought crime.)"

The country's sick, all right, but not through eating burgers.