Saturday 11 September 2010

Greens Hit The Jackpot

And here is the list to which Peter Wanless, Chief Executive of the Big Lottery Fund, refers.

Green heroes working for the right kind of environmental change

Posted by Christine Ottery and George Monbiot
Yes. These are exactly the type of 'good causes' we were told the lottery was set up to fund.

Err ...


Anonymous said...

S'pose they don't use power tools then ?

Sue said...

I think that the lottery should have a list of projects on their website that people can vote for to get funding.

This is a flagrant abuse of lottery money but then what's new? I am slowly becoming immune to the "gobsmack reflex".

This government is as totalitarian as the last one.

Anonymous said...

The Englishman has suggested Michael O'Leary of Ryan air for Monbiot's poll of green heroes - a good choice me thinks ....


Anonymous said...

O'learys spot on, these people want to put us back in the stone age.
Except the rich ones who will live in the castle and the peasents will toil the fields.
No wonder big ears likes the idea.

Just Woke Up said...

I looked through the list of 'good causes' on the lottery website when it first came out. Haven't bought a ticket since. Most of these greeny ones are at least far better than some of the scams that have been given our money in the past. Dare I even mention the dreaded olympics?

I go for a 6 mile walk everyday. Maybe I could call it a 'scheme' and ask for some readies? Any thoughts?

Mark Wadsworth said...

It's a tax on stupidity.

Which makes it quite a good kind of tax, but I'd disagree about what to spend the profits on.