Friday 3 September 2010

Good News, Bad News

The three four day enforced holiday is now over. And thanks be, to whichever higher being is currently prevalent, for that!

If you're over 40, don't go to the Science Museum as they just rub your 'mature' nose in it. History of household appliances my arse, they've just been buying up the familiar accoutrements of my youth as they were thrown out. It's like there's been an anti-Santa hanging around outside my various dwellings since 1970.

As for the day being dragged down to Brighton, the less said the better. A stereotypically shonky, overpriced toilet of a coastal town - complete with criminally neglected historic buildings - which just happens to boast a communist-leaning council (and MP since May), while remaining almost gridlocked throughout the day thanks to its deep-seated hatred for the cars which bring business to its tortured residents. But, then again, they did vote for such ideologically fucked up fools, so they only have themselves to blame.

There's been some good and bad going on in my absence though, I see.

The good news is that Tom Paine is back.

[...] the new government (for all the abuse hurled at it by partisans) can scarcely be differentiated from the old. ID cards have been shelved but even the most fanatical Labourites would have found it hard to pay for that project in current conditions. On the other hand the LibCons have used Labour’s odious control orders and have yet - for all their bluster - to repeal one serious restriction on personal liberty. Nor have they abated the government's hectoring about personal life-choices. That they even think they have the right to wag their fingers at their masters marks them as suspect.
Yep, we've missed such wisdom.

Wisdom (and this is the bad news, by the way) which is distinctly lacking in these short-sighted morons.

Ministers propose Scottish minimum drink price of 45p

The Scottish Grocers' Federation welcomed the proposals, saying they would stop the "irresponsible selling" of alcohol below cost by large supermarkets and help to level the playing field between small shops and bigger chains.

But they warned it could create a cross-border and internet trade in drink.
Because, obviously, there is no way that the puritans are ever going to come after smaller alcohol retailers, is there? Just like they didn't trouble small businesses who sell tobacco.

Stupid, stupid bastards.


Chris said...

They have to get the supermarket price up in order to make up the cash they are losing from pubs. What better way than accuse tesco and asda etc of selling cheap booze whist simultaneously creating a huge lie about binge/underage drinking. All that tax aint gonna raise itself you know.

rb said...

ffs will someone please get it right. Im so bored of seeing this everywhere. One tawdry eco nazi cretin gets in in one of the city's constituencies and sudenly all of us are eco nazi idiots. only the fuckwits in brighton pavilion voted for that stupid woman. Yes the council hates us all and treats us like a morphed together cash cow but we don't deserve them anymore than anyone else deserves the retards who govern them. You of all people Dick know that they're all the same righteos little shitbags whoever we do or dont vote for, so telling us that we have what we deserve is a bit rich, tbh. I have lived all over - London, Chelmsford, Gravesend, Woverhampton, Aberdeen, Durham, and Brighton/Hove is by far the best place I have lived to date.

Dick Puddlecote said...

Yep, I stand chided and corrected, RB. Like a schoolboy, I forgot that there is more than one MP for Brighton. I take it that Pavilion covers the central area which tourists (like me, I suppose) visit? This is the piss poor area of the town which I usually see when Mrs P manages to con me into going down there.

Out of interest, are the 13 Green and 13 Labour councillors also from there, or is the disease more widely spread (I seem to remember that Hove is rather Tory)?

Dick Puddlecote said...

Sorry, forgot the link for councillors (I'll re-learn this blogging lark, give me time) ;)