Tuesday 28 September 2010

Euro Dick!

I'm feeling rather continental today. Mainly because Wikio E-blogs have chosen this article to be translated into French, Spanish, German and Italian.

Although they studiously waited for a post devoid of references to fags or booze, it's still fun to learn how "You fucking what?" is expressed in four different languages.

You can see Dick in Euro-ese here, click on the flags at the top for translations into 'foreign'.

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Smoking Hot said...

Haha ... guess that leaves me and the likes of Frank Davis out in the cold then? :)

Nice one DP

subrosa said...

So it'll be croissants, pasta etc in your house this week. Well done.

Dick Puddlecote said...

SH: Well, I'm just assuming that was the reason for the long wait ... but then it could be that they thought the others were the usual 'tabloid' shite. ;)

Rosie: Ooh no, far too healthy! Though I might buy a couple of those jumbo German bratwursts from the local deli.

Mark Wadsworth said...

The German translation is rather splendid, so I read that.

You messed up with your claim that "young drivers are just as likely to be struck by lightening" as your calculation is per journey but the stat you link to is per year

Commonsense says, far fewer than 200 'young people' are struck by lightening in the UK, so epic fail, Health Minister Dick, you're getting as bad as they are.

I admit that their claim that this ban would "save 200 lives a year" is fanciful in the extreme, but for the sake of this discussion, we are accepting it as valid, I think.