Sunday 12 September 2010

Cataloguing Psychosis (2)

I really must get round to sorting out a sidebar image link for the anti-smoker psychosis catalogue. The reason this has sprung to mind on a Sunday evening is that I just stumbled across a right cracker.

Jason Grant says:

@ Brittney - You are second-class citizens. If you don't like it, move. I don't want you here anyway.

Posted On: Friday, Sep. 10 2010 @ 1:51PM
Dovetails nicely into a previous theme, doesn't it? It's from Yankland though, and I'm not sure if that counts considering the high prevalence of asshat crazies over there.

Oh yeah, I nearly forgot to provide the link. It's from an article describing Santa Monica's new law banning smoking on residential patios and balconies.

Don't worry, it didn't pass without objection. Oh no. One councillor stood his ground and voted against ... because the legislation wasn't strict enough!


Mark Wadsworth said...

I like Steve best:

"I hate the smell from the exhaust of your freaking cars so I am going to sponsor legislation to make sure you can't drive within 50 feet of my home.

Car exhaust can kill you in a matter of minutes not decades like cigarette smoke.

You car drivers DISGUST me. get out of my town. my rights are more important than yours.

Effing nanny state imbeciles."

Anonymous said...

Hey Dick,

I always navigate to your blog by typing "dick puddlecote' into (yes im that lazy), I did just noticed the ad that pops up on the right hand side of the google homepage screen.

It's the only ad that shows? strange isn't it.

Anonymous said...

I liked this comment I think he has a very valis point.

Joe says:
Yeah, you sure got that right. 20% of Americans are not welcome in Santa Monica by the city council. If you're a native- tough, you're banned from everywhere and now they're coming after you in your own home. Oh, that's right if you rent I guess it's not really you're home... elitist morans.

Posted On: Thursday, Sep. 9 2010 @ 7:22PM

Anonymous said...

The Spanish Inquisition is alive and well in California. The Inquisitors at least had the defence of ignorance when they abused both humanity and rationality. The scum that run Santa Monica do not even have that pathetic excuse for their repulsive inhumanity and prejudice.
A curse on them I say...oh bugger I didn't expect the Spanish Inquisition.