Saturday 18 September 2010

Link Tank 18/09

"They make me glad, they make me sad ..."

Reverse racism: Study shows left-leaning 'liberals' exhibit a race bias against whites

What the future may look like for younger adult British drinkers

New York's new smoke police ... citizens

Sex Pistols track used in advertising for the first time

Heart attack time for Don Shenker - the French have invented self-service wine pumps

Leave. It. Alone.

Middlesbrough Mayor urges kids to nag their parents

Marijuana Cuts Lung Cancer Tumor Growth In Half

More sense from formerly communist Czech Republic: Prague considers legalising prostitution

Rat's tail hair cuts banned at Sydney nightclub

A veteran debunker of risk averse junk stats is doing a spring clean (I bought one)


Anonymous said...

Another little snippet for the
Saturday people.
According to the BBC, the British
Beer and Pub Association blame
tax and recession for the loss
of near 1000 village pubs leading to a rapid decline in the rural communities.
Makes me wonder ,who is pulling the strings of these "Pub Defenders"lets face it ,we all
know who pulls the Beebs.

The Ponderer

Anonymous said...

"Sydney Night clubs"
No thankyou,all those soiled thongs
and steaming arm pits besides the
crowded lavs.

Fresh Pom

Unknown said...

And I missed that idiot Ray Mallon shitting on my own doorstep. I hope he's thrown out at the next mayoral election.

Anonymous said...

Campaigners say traditional village life is "dying out" after it was revealed that almost 900 country pubs closed down last year.
The British Beer and Pub Association (BBPA) said 893 pubs were forced to call last orders for good in 2009.

Who cares ,Notting Hill Bistros
are thriving

The Rural Romantic