Wednesday 29 September 2010

Surreal Comment Of The Day

They must be putting mercury in the drinking water in Medway. It's the only explanation for effete fruitcakery like this.

"There is nothing worse than driving along on a summers day with your window open only to be greeted by the second hand foul smoke coming from the inconsiderate driver in front"
Perhaps an addition to the highway code is required. Something like 'while driving on a road paid for by your taxes, it's the height of rudeness to smoke in your own car if there is another vehicle following you'.

I think I can now truly say that I've heard it all.


Friday Night Smoke said...

Thats strange, because *I* find that there's nothing worse than driving along on a summer's day, window open and enjoying a cigarette than to find the driver behind you grimacing at the sheer audacity of you smoking in your own car.
Therefore I propose that militant anti-smokers be banned from driving.
It's entirely as logical as his argument.

Witterings from Witney said...

"There is nothing worse than driving along on a summers day with your window open only to be greeted by the second hand foul smoke coming from the inconsiderate driver in front"

I think this is code for "Get your fcuking exhaust fixed, pal!"

Or maybe not........

RantinRab said...

I've just informed 'speeder' that he is a bell end.

Had to be said.

Rick S said...

I saw this same comment about a month or two ago in an online debate. I remember that it was about the same time as you started collecting examples of antismoker hatefulness, and it suggested to me the idea of a complementary list of insane comments from complete antismoking headcases (like the ones who claim to be able to smell cigarette smoke from 100 yards away).

The trouble is that there are loads of idiots who believe this sort of thing - which is hardly surprising when eminent medical spokespersons make claims about smoke, windows and moving cars which contravene the physical laws that stop aeroplanes from dropping out of the sky.

Anonymous said...

There I am having a quiet smoke in the car and some crazy person is leaning out of his car trying to get a whiff of my cig???
It's downright dangerous, this sniffer could cause an accident, the fumes off the exaust could kill him ffs.
He should keep his eyes on his driving and his nose out of the arse end of motors, sounds disgusting, Yuck.

Groompy Tom said...

There is something worse, much worse.
Having me, the cigarette smoking driver in front, get out at the next set of lights and throttle him , on such a beautiful summer's day, for following so bloody close.

Dick Puddlecote said...

FNS: Logic isn't in the anti-smoker dictionary (and welcome, by the way, I think I nicked a vid of yours once - about road tax ads).

Rab: We knew we could rely on you. :)

Groompy Tom: Thought that myself, he must have been hooked to the bumper or something.

JuliaM said...

The diesel/petrol/tar fumes coming in are just perfume, then?


SadButMadLad said...

The fact that the knob head can smell the cigarette smoke from the car in front doesn't mean that he is being poisoned by the carcinogens. The human nose is pretty sensitive. As can be shown on a summer day when you can smell a bbq from "miles" away.

Is the knob end offended by the smell of Indian cooking? What about BO? What about perfume? What about farmyard smells? I could go on.

I'd be more worried about the continual inhaling of exhaust fumes from cars in front than the occasional cigarette smoke smell.

The bell end deserves to have his nose chopped off so that he can't be offended by anything in the future. You could probably cut out his eyes while you're at it so that he doesn't see anything that "might" offend him.

Snowolf said...

I'm trying to find someway to put my feelings of complete bewilderment about what this mouth breathing, lackwit, cretinous moron had put.

Unfortunately I find that my audible reaction does not come out in words, merely gasps of exasperation and exclamations of incomprehension.

Anonymous said...

Forget the dipstick anti in the car in front
We have far bigger backstabbing
Judases to contend with
The BRITISH government in collusion
with a BRITISH company have come
to an underhand aggeement to limit
the deliveries of a BRITISH product to Belgian shops because BRITISH citizens were going there to buy them at cheaper prices than in the UK. Belgian shops have been forced to put up warning signs
in ENGLISH only re UK Gov allowances. The Belgian restictions ONLY apply to UK
passport holders , all other nationalities can buy as much as
they want ,even on their way to the UK.Yes we are on about tobacco

I await the fury of the
libertarian and freedom loving
webbies and bloggers

May I remind some apologists and
"explainers" two generations of
my family left some behind on the
bloody fields of Flanders, I would like to think their sacrifice was not in vain.

Whose England. ?

Smoking Hot said...

Oh how l wish he was behind me when l blew an oilseal in my turbo. Talk about smokescreen! :)

Oh but l was smoking at the time so he would have noticed that instead.

Mark Wadsworth said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mark Wadsworth said...

There's nothing worse than people who say "there's nothing worse than..."

Has he not heard about stonings in Iran? Starving kids in Africa? State slavery in China? Thalidomide? Kidnapping? Murder? Rape?

All these things strike me as being considerably worse than breathing air that might - just might - be 0.00000000000000000001% cigaretter smoke.

Anyway, didn't these twats claim that cigarette smoke was blown back into the car if you open a window? Maybe that was over at Velvet Glove's.

Junican said...

Here is my contribution to Kent on Line:

""You know, Speeder, you totally ruin your own case as an anti-smoker by your exaggerations. There is no 'hazy of smoke' at hospital entrances. The problem is that you see people smoking and you IMAGINE a haze. This is clearly true since the possibility that smoke from a car in front of you can enter your car is minuscule. You see someone smoking in the car ahead and IMAGINE smoke in your car.

It is always sad when people become mentally ill. Is that why you spend so much time in hospital grounds?

Apart from Speeder, it seems to me that the only other vicious people here are the two councillors who were quoted. They are both irrational zealots. It is a good job that they are not anti-alcohol, anti-jam butty and anti-car as well isn't it? Erm.....Did I say 'not' or 'not yet'?..........""

Reasonably apt, I think.

Dick Puddlecote said...

MW: "Anyway, didn't these twats claim that cigarette smoke was blown back into the car if you open a window?"

That was a Duncan Bannatyne claim. Anti-smokers would appear less ridiculous if they compared notes more. ;)

Rick S said...

Ah, but the only time it gets blown back into a car is when there's a non-smoker in it. Tobacco smoke's clever like that.

Angry Exile said...

Just left this comment at the article, once I'd spent five minutes editing it to get it past cuntonline's hilariously PC profanity filter (he's already been called a bell end and I can't use the word 'fag' even though in context it relates to cigarettes).

Speeder, if you can really smell cigarette smoke from the car in front you're driving way too close too them. You're going to get someone killed one day, and probably just because you're trying to get close enough to catch a bit of ciggie smoke among all the exhaust fumes just so it gives you something to whinge about. Even in decent conditions and at a very modest 50km/h (31mph in old money) you ought to be at least ten metres away and probably more. You're not just a self righteous idiot, but a downright dangerous one as well.

Stupid cunt should back off or have his car crushed
- won't somebody think of the chiiiiiiiiiiiildren?

Anonymous said...

One 2 litre car driving at 65 MPH
for one hour
Actual content
= 14,000 smokers (20 a day smokers)
(fourteen thousand)

In toxic terms (fatal consequence)

= 1,350,000
(one million,three hundred and fifty)

Check it out with the emmission stats of any car against any
tobacco usage ratio

Bullshit spotter

andy janes said...

Tonight am even more embarrassed than usual for living in Medway