Friday, 20 March 2009

Department Of Health: Hoons Of The Century

Don't you just hate it when work gets in the way of a good spleen-venting?

Probably for the best though, as this maggot-infested fuckwittery from Alan 'Dancing Queen' Johnson would have exhausted my powers of profanity.

Letters from a Tory had a much more measured take on it, but was still in disagreement, of course, with a scheme that was described so eloquently in the headline of the day from Al-Jahom.

Dept of Health seeks volunteers for public abuse and beatings

I pray, for their own sake, one of these 'mentors' doesn't decide to impart their 'wisdom' to me. The response might involve sharp things being physically, and with force, inserted where they don't belong.

Holier-than-thou by government appointment. Is there anything in the history of mankind more potentially divisive and anti-social than that?

Talking of holier-than-thou, this part of the story jumped out of the page.

Martin Dockerell, from Action on Smoking and Health (ASH), the anti-smoking charity, said: "If you get the mentoring scheme right and if you manage to turn things around so it seems that healthy behaviour is not abnormal then that can be very powerful."

YOU again? Oh for crying out loud, you prissy cunt. Fuck off!

Well done to the Telegraph for spelling the habitual government-sponsored liar's name wrong, but even an illiberal fucktard like Martin Dockrell baulked a tad at the idea. That sort-of says that Alan Johnson is a seriously deluded healthist binge-wanker to me. So is the clinically obese spawn of Carrie's mother, Liam Donaldson.

How much money are these fucking idiots at the DoH wasting with daft schemes such as this which will add no value to life in the UK whatsoever? They've already spunked £75m up the wall on the Change4Life campaign which changed fuck all. I'll vote for any party that starves these selfish, intolerant cunts of any funds whatsoever for daily assaults on lifestyle choices. Are you up to the task Tories? Perhaps not if James "I'm a dedicated cock-gobbler too" Brokenshire is to be taken seriously, which, unfortunately, he is by Tory central office.

So many cunts, so few guns.

So, in summation, I'm glad others tackled the subject, so I didn't need to get angry and swear a lot (though I reserve the right to in future). Oh yeah, and Martin Dockrell is still a cunt.


DaveA said...

"YOU again? Oh for crying out loud, you prissy cunt. Fuck off!"

Yep, on the money again.

Pat Nurse MA said...

"still a cunt"


Unknown said...

I see that joined up thinking yet again is not featuring on this latest stupidity.

I wonder how many volunteers admitted to A&E it will take before they realise that this is a bit of a bad idea.

Cost to the NHS is going to increase and it won't be due to people being treated for their allegedly unhealthy lifestyles....

How are these fuckwits still in a job coming up with stuff like this? What angers me more is that I am paying for it.

We need a stronger word than cunt to describe some of these people. I think that dizzier heights of cuntishness has been reached.

Mark Wadsworth said...

The last century or this one? Or the next as well?

banned said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
banned said...

(above post deleted for ammendment)

"When eating a third fried breakfast of the week while having some drinks 'for the road' at my local pub and chain-smoking another cigarette the mentors sprang into action"
and crawled like a crippled cunt away from further blows from the public who will put up with no more of this cuntishness.
How I laughed as I resumed my breakfast, beer and cigarette.

Anonymous said...

If I am ever approched by on of these 'mentors' asking whether I know how bad smoking is for me I merely intend to reply with two words - 'Prove it.'

Along slightly similar lines, if Jehovah's Witnesses turn up at your door, just invite them in - it really freaks them out..