Thursday, 19 March 2009

A Quick Dip In The Trough

Had a meander over to Hairy Moneyball's site (now renamed The Moneyball Buzz, to do with her showing solidarity with bees or something) to see what the vacuous Labour MEP, whom we pay £350,000pa, has been pontificating about recently. It's been a while.

It all seems a bit dèja vue though, as she's still got a bee in her bonnet (see what I did there?) about women who wear high heels. She didn't like them in October, nor in November, and she still doesn't like them ... except now you women have really pissed her off.

I am as bemused as Ms Freeman. I am also angry. Four, four and a half, five inch heels are ridiculous. Women cannot function to their full capacity if they are not as mobile as men.

Why did you ladies that like to wear high heels not listen to the trougher the first two times? You might love your shoes, and think you look good in them, but it's just men repressing women, don't you get it? She pronounced on the matter last year.

I do wonder if we are seeing another move to “keep women in their place”. Killer heels should be strongly resisted by all women.

The shoes you like aren't something that is alluring, they are instruments of torture forced on you by evil mysogynists! She also told you this in November, why aren't you listening?

I think it’s more to do with incapacitating women. “Sexy” is all too often construed as pliant, malleable and ultimately weak.

Hairy has the solution though, ladies. All you have to do is go against nature.

Sad though it is, we do not seem to be able to break out of the ancient mindset that what we have is not good enough. We always want to be thinner, taller, have better hair, etc.

Hairy has broken out of that mindset. She doesn't seem to care about any of the above. See? It's easy! Simply follow The Moneyball fashion buzz (ie. be fat, short, and have a pudding bowl) and you too can be a strait-laced, tedious, charmless harridan who sucks up a huge sum of taxpayers' cash to spout tripe on your blog about something that is totally fucking irrelevant to what you are paid for.

After two posts on the subject which attracted no support whatsoever, she finished the third with this ...

Sisters, we must stop doing this. We are all OK. I’d like to have your comments.

Nothing yet in the past 4 days. I'm sure the solidarity with comrade Moneyball will soon come flooding in. If not, what does she care? She's still rolling around in the EU trough. Snort.


Anonymous said...

Funnily enough, whilst reading the links to her idiocy, I was wondering as to her height and BMI..

Unknown said...

wtf????!!!! Who IS this oxygen thief? Is it April 1 already?

I love my shoes. I have them in all heel sizes and suchlike and generally can bore the arse off anyone talking about them (as a couple of you know only too painfully well and the rest of you are now finding out). I CHOOSE to wear them cos I think they are pretty. It's one of the last choices I have left in this fucked up far..

Pliant, malleable and ultimately weak? The last guy who attempted to tell me what to do or wear (poor deluded feeble minded idiot) found himself single faster than you can say 'chocolate tax'.

My colleagues don't look at my shoes before deciding whether or not to take that meeting or agree to suggestions and solutions.

As for 'sisters'. That irritating little gobshite is no 'sister' of mine. She can go dress in her 'comfortable shoes', leave the rest of us to decide on our own wardrobes, and get on with her real job - whatever the fuck that actually is.

The plot has obviously left the building.

Pat Nurse MA said...

As someone who fell off my platform shoes in the 70s and broke my ankle I can safely say I still love heels and still wear them .... if the bloke is worth it, that is!

Anonymous said...

I think her shoe size must match her I.Q.

Anonymous said...

Hear, hear to the above.

Posted the following over there, but I'd be mighty surprised if it was published:

How utterly patronising. Women are perfectly capable of making their own decisions as to footwear. They certainly don't need to be spoken for by public figures desperate to justify their phoney baloney jobs.

I know you're a politician, but try to get your head round these concepts: people are individuals. Individuals exercise choices. Not all of these choices might necessarily correspond with your own sensibilities.

Oh, and men don't limit themselves? Really? So no man on the planet self-adjusts his appearance/behaviour/expression in a limiting fashion in order to fit in or please? I think you need to open your eyes and ears and actually try observing the world around you: it may help you to develop a more sophisticated and sympathetic outlook.

P.S. 'Hobson's Choice' isn't actually a documentary.

cornyborny said...

Well, bugger me. She put my comment up! Must be the compelling logic and/or personal magnetism that shines through my prose like a very shiny thing.

Or maybe it's just that, by permitting a critical response every so often, the fragrant MEP can claim to be accessible.

I'll settle on a) and go and do something more worthwhile now.