Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Err ... Priorities?

The National Death service blog is the best place to go for stories such as that of the appalling standards at Mid Staffordshire NHS Trust.

A hospital's "appalling" emergency care resulted in patients dying needlessly, the NHS watchdog has said.

About 400 more people died at Mid Staffordshire Hospital between 2005 and 2008 than would be expected, the Healthcare Commission said. It said there were deficiencies at "virtually every stage" of emergency care and said managers pursued targets at the detriment of patient care.

Health Secretary Alan Johnson has launched an inquiry.

They must have seriously taken their eye off the ball to allow matters to get so deadly. I wonder what sort of idiocy they were implementing which distracted them from their core purpose of concentrating on patient care?

At least there won't be any asphyxiation deaths in the car park. Well done, Mid Staffs.


Mark Wadsworth said...

The back of my magic fag packet says that the NHS 'No Smoking' costs about £2 billion per annum in wasted man hours (or indeed woman hours).

banned said...

Well done the Healthcare Commission for noticing that 400 extra dead people might be a bit of a problem.
The Patients action group is rightly concentrating on the career progress of many of the managers involved.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't we have saved both time and money by simply hiring 27 deranged German teenagers..?