Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Step AWAY From The T-Bone

Another day, another health scare. Except these guys don't fanny around like the 'may cause cancer' lightweights.

Red meat raises risk of all kinds of death

The researchers said thousands of deaths could be prevented if people simply ate less meat.

I swear these people won't be happy until they've turned us into the Eloi.

The U.S. government now recommends a "plant-based diet" that stresses fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

And you know that means the UK will too, in time. In fact, they're already on the way, just taking things one '5 a day' at a time at the moment.

Barry Popkin, an expert in nutrition and economics at the University of North Carolina, said the study was unusually thorough and careful.

Eating less meat has other benefits, he said, and governments should start promoting this. For instance, farming animals for meat causes greenhouse gas emissions that warm the atmosphere and uses fresh water in excess, he said.

"I was pretty surprised when I checked back and went through the data on emissions from animal food and livestock," Popkin said in a telephone interview.

"I didn't expect it to be more than cars."

Nutrition guy reads a couple of news reports and now he's qualified to lecture us on climate change? Excellent! I read Mark Wadsworth, so that makes me a fully-qualified financial accountant, then.

We must surely be approaching a time where everything we eat, drink, or ingest in other ways, has been 'proven' by some study or other, somewhere, to be the cause of all of the main scary diseases that prick up the ears of the health-obsessed (this study ticks all the the boxes next to meat). At which time, we can then safely ignore all of the advice, as no matter what we indulge in, we're fucked anyway.

I'll take my chances with meat, thanks, as there is proof that the alternative is equally dangerous to health. A small study (of one subject) by the Puddlecote Institute has concluded that following a vegan diet turns your brain to mush ... especially amongst females from the Bristol East area.


Anonymous said...

How ****ing unfair is that..?

I'm an alcoholic, underweight, chain-smoking vegetarian and now they tell me that it may increase my life expectancy..


Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, look at what the cash strapped NHS is giving out:

You couldn't make it up :)

timbone said...

"A small study (of one subject) by the Puddlecote Institute has concluded that following a vegan diet turns your brain to mush ... especially amongst females from the Bristol East area."

haha nice one Dick. Mind you, if you were in the right place at the right time this could become 'overwhelming evidence' - it has happened before.

Anonymous said...

It sounds rather fun to just eat nuts and leaves, drink only green tea, take regular exercise, have safe (or no) sex and never smoke anything. If it's so much fun, why don't anyone actually do it ?

Anonymous said...

In the past couple of months I've heard several times someone or other raising the issue of Planet Damage from our meat consumption - the greenies have now decided that the way to go is to join forces with the healthists.


James Burr said...

Well, the healthists have all the power at the moment and carte blanche to invent "studies" that have no merit and will never be questioned and to impose legislation through our hapless MPs, so this is probably a wise move on the greenies' part.

And a dangerous one for lovers of civilisation and freedom.

Anonymous said...

Great link from Saucepan, although I can't help but be as "bemused" as the father over a slightly different point - why were they so "spongy"..?