Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Laugh? I Nearly Got Arrested.

Hahahahaha. Chuckle, guffaw, chortle.

What is this?

Motorist Gary Sanders was enjoying a good giggle as he chatted over a hands-free phone to a friend on the way to work. But his amusement turned to astonishment when a policeman pulled him over for...excessive laughing. The company director was obeying the speed limit and not driving dangerously. However, the officer who ordered him to stop at the exit to the Mersey tunnel told him without a hint of a smile: 'Laughing while driving a car can be an offence.'

Isn't it more offensive that a Merseyside policeman is so fucking stupid that he believes an offence has been committed here? I thought they were taught the law whilst training.

Hahahahahahahahaha. Oh, sorry Officer, assume the position? OK. Ow, those cuffs are too tight. What's with the hood?


John Pickworth said...

You know, if you look back to the numerous reports in the newspapers circa 2000/2001 about the Taliban banning kite flying, singing, laughing and other such joyful nonsense... you'd never in a million years have guessed we'd have become just as loony less than 10 years later?

That Osama (I'm not the president of America) bin Laden must be laughing his tits off - but not while driving through the Kotal-e Salang tunnel obviously.

Beware of Geeks bearing GIFs said...

I'll never forget when I was younger and got pulled over by the plod for being in possession of an Escort with the roof down in winter, and while the ritual inspection was underway, a couple of blokes turned up in a pickup truck, wound down the windows and shouted “Oi! Pigs! W@nkers!” at plod, before wheelspinning then roaring off down the road.

I sort of pointed at them with mouth agape but plod simply ignored them and carried out there forensics.

Funny old world we live in.

Stop Hitting Me Officer said...

I got stopped for moving while driving once but I got away with it on appeal because I wasn't in a real car.

Wibble moo fribble de-clomp?

Ask not what class these prescription drugs are but ask whether we have enough for the whole country. We're obviously collectively on something.

Curmudgeon said...

An aspect of this which I have noticed before is the busybodies making blatantly incorrect statements of what the law actually is in the hope that these ideas will weasel their way into people's minds.

"Drinking and driving is illegal."
"Laughing while driving is illegal."
"The legal drinking age is 18."

etc. etc.

banned said...

"Drinking and driving is illegal."
"Laughing while driving is illegal."
"The legal drinking age is 18."

Ergo, 18 is illegal ?