Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Helping Kerry McCarthy Out

It's odd that Bristol East's vegan MP Kerry McCarthy, that lover of fluffy-wuffy, cutesy-wutesy, widdle animals, has been slow to react on a report in the Telegraph today about A-list cause celèbre, PETA. Perhaps she didn't see it, so best I point it out on her behalf.

Animal charity PETA accused of slaughtering thousands of pets placed in their care

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), which boasts Paul McCartney and Pamela Anderson among its supporters, are accused of only finding homes for seven pets last year. Since 1998 more than 20,000 pets handed to PETA have been put down.

In 2008 official figures show that the charity put down 2,124 animals that had been given to them.

This isn't actually a new story, just more proof that they don't really give a shit about animals at all.

The charity, which collects over £25m in donations, does not run an adoption shelter.

Indeed they don't. Very strange seeing as they are so awash with cash, but then why waste money on the animals when they can spend on ads [YouTube] which help them pally up to celebrities instead. It's not just Ricky Gervais and Pink who have been grifted by these extremist nutjobs, their celeb backers could fill the Albert Hall.

So what do they see fit to spend their money on? Well, in 2003 they offered the town of Hamburg, New York $15,000 to change its name to Veggieburg. That could have been a nice deposit on property for an animal shelter, couldn't it?

Remember that this is the organisation who advocated fish being renamed Sea Kittens to make them seem more cuddly in a move against angling (or fish hunting, as they term it). The British arm of PETA, on fishinghurts.com, follow the directive rigidly.

Many people have never stopped to think about it, but sea kittens are smart, interesting animals with their own unique personalities—just like the dogs and cats that we share our homes with.

Are these the same type of dogs and cats that PETA are killing (sorry, euthanizing) through lack of facilities?

As a high profile animal rights organisation, it's a bit of a problem for PETA, as unwanted dogs and cats are regularly taken to their headquarters by people who think they are going to be given a decent home. Struggling for ideas as to what to do, in 2006, they were discovered collecting even more animals from local shelters, putting them down, and dumping 80 of them in a skip.

Peta, which is pro-vegetarian, has stood by its two volunteers, insisting there was "absolutely no cruelty" involved in the animals' killing and that they were "simply doing their job" in "euthanising" animals to save them from overcrowded shelters

Time to stump up for a shelter then, one might think, but it's still not forthcoming. They do have a walk-in freezer though, costing about $10,000.

Perhaps the latest publicity might loosen their purse-strings a bit and make them finally cough up, otherwise they may be viewed as hypocritical. But then, hypocrisy has beset PETA since the time of former Vice President Mary-Beth Sweetland's time. She was the type A diabetic who used daily injections of insulin but objected to animal testing. Funny, that.

Insulin was the first hormone identified (late 1920’s) which won the doctor and medical student who discovered it the Nobel Prize (Banting and Best). They discovered insulin by tying a string around the pancreatic duct of several dogs. When they examined the pancreases of these dogs several weeks later, all of the pancreas digestive cells were gone (died and were absorbed by the immune system) and the only thing left was thousands of pancreatic islets. They then isolated the protein from these islets and behold, they discovered insulin.

I'm sure Kerry will get round to condemning PETA soon. Especially since it was undercover filming by PETA that inspired these disgusting bastards, who were jailed in January.

As soon as Kerry has finished lambasting her local council about a herd of 100 cows in a field, she'll be coming down hard on this, believe you me.


BTS said...

Once again these people astound me and I offer this comment tagged to the article in evidence:

"I demand an explanation from Peta! They must tell the public the reason behind putting all those animals down.

This is not news for me, as I've read about it before. I was shocked when I heard about it the first time.

I donate money to Peta, but I won't do that anymore until I get an explanation from Peta. They do amazing work regarding animals in the meat and fur industry, but I don't accept putting any animals down in numbers they are doing it.
Click to rate Rating 20 - JB, London, UK, 31/3/2009 07:31"

So just to be clear - they donate money to a charity, they discover that it is acting against it's fundamental principals, they continue to donate money. And then they get upset by a story in the daily mail..?

Almost as bad, they seem to imply that it's all about the numbers - 19,000 is okay but 20,000 is a bit overboard..?

I don't give a toss what a person's priorities are, but I really wish they'd at least have the decency to decide what they are before spouting such worthless, ill-considered tripe.

I'm all for the ethical treatment of animals (always excepting the house cat - she's just crap) and I don't eat them, but I think that we all ought to have at least had the offer of some Kentucky Fried Kitten, if only so we knew that they went to a good home after all..

BTS said...

I just read the link about that PETA couple dumping animals in a skip. It mentioned them disposing of a cat and her kittens. Further down it said they were being charged with littering..

Unknown said...

Don't get me started!!!!

I gave to a certain charity, by direct debit, for years till I found the error of my ways (helped by bts and DP). I couldn't believe that my money was being wasted rather than being used actual research. I can therefore understand why folks give to charities thinking that the hype is real. I have learned my lesson.

when did charities stop being charities?

Unless they can prove beyond all doubt that they are doing the right thing with my hard earned cash, they are getting fuck all from me anymore. I have given a lot of money over the past years and they are going to lose lots of years donations in the future through being total cunts.

The do gooders will probably have me arrested for telling them to fuck off when they shake a donation box in my face. I wonder if challenging them to tell me exactly where the money is going will also end up in some sort of brush with the law.


Roger Thornhill said...

They are just practising before they move on to people.

There is a really good Penn & Teller Bullshit! evisceration of PETA. Prolly on Youtube.

WV: corrapo - IKYN. I want to use this word somewhere!