Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Drinking Is The New Smoking

With a general election looming in 2010, the puritans are frantically pushing as much illiberal claptrap in front of the gullible Labour morons as they can, before Brown and his government of incompetents wipe themselves off the political map for a generation.

Their preferred delivery method of binge-bullshitting is the BBC.

The Filthy Smoker over at the Devil's pad has reprised his inspired 'bollock-kicking and turd-flinging' analogy whilst unloading on this addled tripe from Holland, which Comrade Beeb regurgitated without question.

Alcohol on TV 'prompts drinking'

Participants were offered wine, beer or soft drinks
People are more likely to turn to alcohol while watching TV if they see drinking being portrayed in films or adverts, a study suggests.

It was a different side to the same coin of assault on alcohol that we saw last week ... again from the BBC. Again published without question.

Drink a day increases cancer risk

One drink may be one too many, cancer research scientists believe
A glass of wine each evening is enough to increase your risk of developing cancer, women are being warned.

And again, easily proven to be a steaming pile of horse shit.

I would recommend reading the debunk, it doesn't take long as the study is pure fantasy. Here are a few snippets.

One can’t help but wonder just what (Dr Naomi) Allen herself has been drinking in the Senior Common Room at Oxford. After all, her public pronouncements, her recommendations to government, and the reports about her study in the media are certainly not supported by her results.

This means that the study, as an observational study – the weakest kind of epidemiological endeavour and certainly nothing close to the gold standard of a randomised controlled trial – is inherently unable to draw any causal conclusions about a link between drinking and cancer.

No one knows how much or how little these women really drank since no one bothered to measure it. This makes any conclusions based on such ‘evidence’ just a tad dicey. At its foundation, therefore, the study can’t warrant that any of its data about the key fact – the drinking habits of its subjects – is accurate.

The association with breast cancer, with by far the largest number of cases in the study (almost 22,000), was non-significant. Therefore, of the cancer-drinking correlations examined, virtually none was statistically significant.

What is the real take-home message of this study? Perhaps it should be to avoid drinking policy advice produced by Oxford epidemiologists.

In short, it was crap. Oh yeah, and Dr Naomi Allen is a skank temperance-movement-cock-sucking whore.

Sadly, it doesn't matter how many times these studies are destroyed, they still pass into the collective plebeian mindset as fact, like this bollocks did, from ... err ... Maiden Auntie Beeb again.

Those wishing to inflict their idealist Utopia on us have long since departed from actually having to prove their findings, they now utilise the tool of 'Science by Press Release'. Get the false assumption out there, however flawed, via respected organs like the Beeb, and it will be believed. The science community can subsequently take an AK47 to the study and punch more holes in it than a sieve, but it's too late. Joe Sheep, Mrs Sheep, and their lambs, have already swallowed it and passed it virally around their address book like a Snopes myth.

The latest assaults are designed to address steps 3, 4 and 5 of the seven step plan of the Righteous, as I detailed here.

3) On the back of junk science, nobble the opposing industry with advertising bans


4) Create a junk science reason for launching the scare


5) Embed the junk science firmly in the minds of the sheep

Yep, all going swimmingly.


Mark Wadsworth said...

Does not compute.

If drinking and smoking, or indeed eating barbecued meat, were bad for you, the British and most other Europeans would have died out centuries ago.

Stop Hitting Me Officer said...

Mark Wadsworth said...

'Does not compute.

If drinking and smoking, or indeed eating barbecued meat, were bad for you, the British and most other Europeans would have died out centuries ago.'

It's a moot point obviously but looking at what we seem to have left today I wonder if we did die out centuries ago ...

Current company excepted, naturally!

Anonymous said...

In relation to their statistics may I proffer this link from The Times:

They also have a number of other related stories on there.

However, I should in all fairness mention that I usually watch an episode of MASH before going to work during which the consumption of alcohol is postively glorified. If I happen to be awake an hour before I will also generally try to catch Airwolf as well.

I now have a desire to get drunk, steal a secret CIA helicopter and fly to Korea to perform sugery on American soldiers injured during the 1950's..

And why the fuck wasn't I invited for the free booze..?

banned said...

BBC Radio 2 are already joining in the anti-alcohol furore.
In the afternoon they have edgey young presenters who jointly air the show as a constant hilarity filled laugh-in.
Yesterday the boyish one reported on a Swedish ( Dutch then )Scientific Study which proved that watching people drinking on telly made viwers drink twice as much alcohol ! "
" Wow, that's not right " replied the giggly girly one " Why don't they show characters drinking soft drinks or coffee, not everybody in the pub is there for a skinfull Ha Ha . They make much better non-alcoholic beers and wine these days but you never see people drinking those on TV like they do in real life ! giggly-me he he"

"watching people drinking on telly made viewers drink twice as much acohol" How very exact, X2, not X1.5 or X3 ?

Let me tell you boyish girly people, I don't have a telly but drink plenty, what does your Scientific report have to say about that ?