Saturday, 28 March 2009

Eggs At Easter? Don't Be Ridiculous

Another day, another hysterical health-obsessed ban, welcome to modern day Scotland.

Headteacher bans eggs at Easter because of health and safety fears

CHILDREN have been banned from taking eggs to a school for Easter because of concerns about potential allergies.
Pupils at Crombie Primary in Westhill, near Aberdeen, had traditionally painted hard-boiled eggs as part of an annual competition.

But the school is facing criticism after replacing them with polystyrene versions because parents of two pupils revealed that their children are allergic to eggs.

That's correct, just two pupils must be protected against a non-existent threat, therefore all kids must be punished. And again, the righteous are nothing if not oblivious to the concept of hypocrisy ... because, as usual, they prove themselves to be incredibly stupid.

Children are still permitted to bring eggs to school as part of their packed lunches, and they continue to be served in the canteen.

So, eggs that can and do get broken, are fine, but not ones sealed with paint and not intended for anything more than decoration.

We're constantly told that bans are justified because 'the majority' want this, or 'the majority' want that, but when it suits them, just two out of a total of 360 will suffice.

Perhaps it's unfair to label the headteacher as 'righteous', perhaps she's just incredibly dim and is blinded by the blizzard of elf & safety shite that infests our schools. However, she undoubtedly lacks even a whiff of common sense, which one would assume should be a top priority for someone who is entrusted with educating the future citizens of Scotland.

But then again, the righteous tag may well be perfectly in order ...

The egg row comes two years after Mrs Hopkins banned pupils from sharing sweets on their birthdays as part of a healthy eating drive.

That sounds a bit righteous ...

Mrs Hopkins said: "To not make the pupils different from everyone else, we decided to use polystyrene eggs."

Yep, she's a righteous. A cast-iron, bona fide, self-important, shit for brains righteous of stellar dimension.

On the subject of educating children for the common good, I wonder if she's ever heard of the most apposite saying, 'You can't make an omelette without breaking eggs'

This idiom means that in order to achieve something or make progress, there are often losers in the process.



banned said...

"Headteacher bans eggs at Easter because of health and safety fears" Been waiting for that one, no surprises there but the next bit caught me off guard.

"Children are still permitted to bring eggs to school as part of their packed lunches, and they continue to be served in the canteen". So are the kiddies allergic or not, you silly cow ?

"we decided to use polystyrene eggs"
No, SHE decided; cunt who can't even speak properly.
" To not make the pupils different..." WTF ?.

Hopefully the children will now hate and despise the old ratbag, fully supported by their parents.

Anonymous said...

What if a pupil is allergic to polystyrene ?