Monday, 23 March 2009

Smoker Apartheid Has Arrived

A sign spotted in a public area of the Royal Oldham Hospital this weekend.

Note it says smokers, not smoking.

UPDATE: As implied in the comments, I wonder how long this sign would stay up before a veritable storm kicked off.

Or this one.


Gasdoc said...

This surely has got to make people think? Why not Gays, Blacks, Old Fogeys or Fatsos?

Curmudgeon said...

Not to mention pissheads.

Dick Puddlecote said...

Good point. Let's put up an alternative.

Large Melot Please said...

So we are the new kaffirs, I would like to see security stop me if I wanted to see my sick child.

Anonymous said...

Don't tell me - it was on the entrance to A&E..

Unknown said...

Just out of interest, I am assuming this is due to the new found 3rd hand smoke. Therefore what about people who have passed a smoker in the street? Are they still allowed in?

Do they have bouncers that quiz people before they are allowed past the doors?

This really does conjure up allsorts of mischief....

Unknown said...

oops, forgot an important word.

the new found 'alleged' 3rd hand smoke

Anonymous said...

These people are insane.

The 3rd hand smoke "study" was based on a phone poll, not scientific trace analysis of tobacco particulates and a calculation as to their relative toxicity. It wasn't even a phone poll of Doctors - it was a phone poll of the public. Yep, all the people who are at home during office hours. So now we have members of the public determining scientific evidence in between "Jeremy Kyle" and "This Morning". Someone should firebomb this hospital.

And every other one that thinks it can impose healthist apartheid in my country.

Sue said...

That's unbelievable! I'm gobsmacked and people ask me why I've left the UK! How can you fight this sort of thing? The country is being run by a bunch of nutters!

Anonymous said...

Not so very long ago - a couple of years - it was perfectly legal to stick up signs in public places and places of business saying "No Willy Warriors allowed".

Doesn't feel great, does it, to be legally excluded? I'm sure that "the gays" will be back in politican vogue and out of public business again just as soon as smokers, drinkers, the left-handed and anyone with acne has been taken care of. They're bound to run out of groups to stamp out soon and have to go back to all of the old ones (catholics, witches, great-grandsons of people who used to be in trades unions etcetera).

I confess that I don't smoke and never have but I do hereby henceforth and for ever vow that I will walk around with a lighter in my pocket and an unlit pipe in my public gob (possibly one of those long-stem clay ones, possibly carved wooden with nautical theme). It's the best way I can think of at the moment to show smokers - and personal bloody freedom - some support.

Guesses on a postcard please as to how long it takes me to get kicked out of Sainsbury's and into a Government Correction Centre.

p.s., what the feck is "third-hand smoke"? Is it as bad for me as the stress from the opening and closing of a politician's, er... mouth?

DaveA said...

Talking of the G20 Summit you can pass on comments and messages to Gordie and Barak, no doubt doing a rendition of "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes."

Anonymous said...

Posted this here..

..and in the ensuing argument got told to fuck off.
How's that for rational debate?

Thought you might fancy having some fun with them Dick.

Anonymous said...

Sorry forgot to sign off the last post.

Bald headed John.

banned said...

It is not unknown, and not illegal, for employers to adverise for non-smokers only on the grounds that smokers will take more sick days and will always be wanting to go outside for their fag brakes ( allegedly ).

What legal weight would support a 'no-smokers' sign in a place that normally allows entry to the public; hospitals, railway stations, cinemas etc. ?

Anonymous said...

This must surely be challenged successfully on the grounds that smokers have no choice but to use the hospital.

Might Shami C turn her attention from the defence of PC minority groups? Won't hold my breath.


Anonymous said...

Or even better, why don't pubs put up "Smokers Only" signs. Oh yeah, they can't because smoking inside is illegal. Funny how one group is legally protected and the other (the one that pays most tax, just to rub salt in the wound) isn't.


Unknown said...

Hey,less of the old fogey Gasdoc...I'm only a boy you know! :)

very angry said...

I can't even say I'm shocked by this.

How long before pregnant smokers are banned from the maternity ward

Perhaps Arnott the arsehole and Dockerell the dickhead and all politicans should both be sent the three signs to compare.

I say smokers should campaign to have tobacco made illegal, turn the tables, do their job for them, stop them doing this piecemeal. If smokers did this it would really fcuk the crusaders up, and their finances. It's be worth it just to see them put out of business.

Anonymous said...

If hospitals are concerned about the health of people in maternity wards, they should ban all visitors.
Recent research confirms that the majority of MRSA cases are caused by people visiting relatives in hospital. MRSA is something that you can carry and not be affected by. If you are ill, or have just had a major operation, you are susceptible to MRSA.
But it is far easier to blame smokers and their third hand smoke.