Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Turning Up The Heat

Here is an idea for Britain's Traffic Taliban to get their teeth into.

Drivers in China are being forced to eat raw chilli by police to stop them falling asleep at the wheel.

What would be the UK equivalent, one wonders? Being compelled by mobile plod to digest a Zinger Tower Burger at Leicester East services perhaps?

Arch driver-hater, Richard Brunstrom, Chief Cunstable of North Wales Police, may prefer a more robust approach. I reckon he'd plump for mandatory administering of a Dorset Naga the moment you drive into Cymru, isn't it. Look you.

China's roads are among the most dangerous in the world due to overloaded and speeding trucks.
Drivers switch lanes without signalling and often ignore traffic lights.

Cos we never see that over here, do we?

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banned said...

Seems we are moving in the opposite direction; all those distraction activities which we use to keep concentration and to stay awake

smoking, listening to the radio, looking at the countryside, chatting to passengers

are becoming illegal and construed as "dangerous driving ".