Saturday, 14 March 2009

Binge-Drinking For A Worthy Cause

Following the huge success of Comic Relief last night, I presume The Hub of Commissioned Alcohol Projects and Policies (HubCAPP), who proudly carry the charity's logo on their web-site, will benefit with increased funding for their projects.

Comic Relief is funding Alcohol Concern to identify and submit alcohol projects and initiatives for young people onto HubCAPP.

And it's no surprise that Red Nose Day collects so much, considering the imaginative fund-raising efforts being used.

For example, last night at my local meat market pub, £2 was raised for every one of the special Comic Relief red jelly vodka shots they managed to shift. Over a dozen large trays of them were flogged to the assembled fancy dressed 18-25 year olds before Mrs Puddlecote and I left for a Ruby Murray.

Nothing like binge-drinking for a worthy cause, is there?

UPDATE: Thanks to Bearwitch in the comments for pointing out that there are other avenues that can be taken in support of Comic Relief. £28.44 per case from Tesco. Why not buy 3 or 4 and drink yourself stupid for Alcohol Concern.


Unknown said...

I particularly liked the fact that they were showing their 'clips' of the effects of alcoholic parents....

.....and later gave a plug to the special edition comic relief wine that they were selling.


Dick Puddlecote said...

Lucky I was out and didn't see that, Bear, I might have put my foot through the screen.

Unknown said...

For the benefit of anyone who didn't see it, there were various clips showing the plight of kids affected by alcoholic parents and that these were the kids who comic relief would be able to help. The presenter made a comment after the wine plug was shown saying that you could have 6 glasses before work on Monday and tell the boss it was all for a good cause.

I am wondering if they actually thought about the mixed messages they were conveying.

I usually watch comic relief as it is pretty amusing but this year was pretty naff. The only thing that had me in tears of laughter was that part.

car crash tv at its very best!

Wonder if the press will have picked up on it.

Mark Wadsworth said...


Binge drinking IS a worthy cause.

Anonymous said...

I'd just like to point out that I binge drink every day and am very pleased to discover that I've been doing it for charity all this time.

I can feel proud of myself all of a sudden..

Thanks guys.

Unknown said...

I am actually thinking of getting some of this wine so that I can feel smugly charitable when I glug the lot in one sitting. If the guv have an issue with this I can blame comic relief.

btw, did anyone notice that they now have signs up in the wine aisles telling you how many units each bottle of wine has? Thought they weren't supposed to waste paper and suchlike due to saving the planet.

My brain hurts - where's the chocolate

Anonymous said...

Where's the chocolate?
It's now under the counter with the cigarettes.

Back on topic..

I wouldn't give comic relief the drippings from my nose having seen some of where the money goes. It's a virtual "Fakecharites" who's who.
Fuck them, as the Devil might say, fuck them right in the ear!


banned said...

Didn't watch the smugness at all, didn't give anything to the rattlers and scowled satisfyingly at all the tossers in red afro wigs.
Did pop some coins into the Air Ambulance thing at the garage though.
Got bingedly drunk last night since I am not at work today.