Saturday, 28 March 2009

Life Sucks

SAGINAW, Mich. (AP) - A man who police say was arrested for performing a sex act with a car wash vacuum has been sentenced to 90 days in the Saginaw County Jail.

Poor fella, the sentence must have been a bit of a blow.


banned said...

I was feeling kinda sorry for this chap.
Conjugal Relations With An Inanimate Object Is Not A Crime in my book.
But the twat could not keep it to himself and the actual charge was " indecent exposure ".
I expect that the inmates of Sag-in-awe ( joke, right ? ) Penitentiary are looking forward to further sexual experimentation with young Jason.

BTS said...

He should consider himself lucky not to get done for soliciting as well. After all, you surely have to pay to use the car wash..?

Anonymous said...

I always thought crimes had victims.
Show me the victim.

Reminds me of the recent one about the guy having "relations" with his bike in a hotel room.
Once again I ask, where is the victim?

Anonymous said...

If that happened in the U.K. the government would set up a quango for the counseling of car vacs and the court would have paid compensation to the car vac for hurt feelings.

Jaqui Spliff said...

Is there nothing blokes won't shag?

Dick Puddlecote said...

Personally, it would be Jacqui Smith, I'd prefer to have a good wank.

Certain men seem to agree. ;-)

BTS said...

I'd prefer to have it cut off, roasted and fed to me by Liam Donaldson..

Oh shit.. I've really got to stop giving him ideas for public health initiatives..