Sunday, 8 March 2009

An Epidemic Of Arrogance

Forget HN51, a far worse disease has gripped our politicians. Their minds appear to have been infected by a strain of the dangerous FU-ALL-24/7 virus.

Take Michael McGimpsey, for example, the seriously sinister-looking Northern Irish Assembly Health Minister. This is him.

Only having come across the guy today, I'm already of the opinion that McGimpsey is a pedigree dictatorial ringpiece. And it wouldn't be surprising if you were to feel the same way.

How else do you describe someone who, in replying to valid concerns from assembly members speaking up for their constituents, dismisses them thus?

Mr Ross also said that it is not up to Government to tell adults what to do. Well, listen: people cannot just do what they want. That is why, for example, when I bring forward termination of pregnancy legislation, I will be telling adults what to do.

If I were to follow Mr Ross’s logic, people could simply do what they want.

It is a similar situation with pornography laws — one cannot simply let adults do what they want.

McGimpsey is a member of the Ulster Unionist Party, who boast on their web-site that they are ...

... working for an honest sharing of power and a fair, inclusive agenda for all.

But not if you wish to do what you want in a 'free' country, of course.

I imagine that, given half a chance, the rancid provincial felcher would describe himself as democratic. He may well be the product of a voting process, but there his democratic credentials end. Listen, Uncle Fester, you're an authoritarian cunt who seems to have completely forgotten the role of an elected representative. It's not to stop the public doing what they wish to do, simply because you don't like it.

Good fucking grief. You're voted in to protect our interests and do exactly what we tell you to do. How the fuck do you get something as basic as that so very badly wrong?

He's not the only one though, they're all at it, irrespective of party. How about this holier-than-thou bullshit from Glenis Willmott, Labour MEP and leader of the reds in the Euro Parliament, just over a week ago. In response to a commenter who believed "that the number of hours I can work should be my decision according to my circumstances and priorities and [I] see no need for regulation restricting this", Willmott replied:

... the Working Time directive is health and safety law designed to protect workers and consumers from the dangers that working excessive hours can bring. Working more than 48 hours per week on a regular basis can pose significant risks to health. Excessive working time is linked to stress, depression and heart disease.

That's Labour MEP-speak for "It may be your life, but we know better than you how you should live it. So we're going to force you to do as we say ... or you will die".

Then there's Scotland's SNP quaker-in-chief Shona Robison forcing through laws that no-one wants, on the basis that 255 'medical professionals' think it's best for 5 million voters; ASH and Alcohol Concern running the Department of Health without a single democratic vote between them, and supported by so few voters that their donations wouldn't even buy them a Ford Mondeo. The list seems endless.

MPs Reneging on manifesto commitments without shame, dreaming up authoritarian legislation on the hoof, rigging 'consultations' to ensure agreement with their plans, bastardising science to create threats that don't exist, twisting statistics to create non-existent public support, and, as we see yet again from Michael McGimpsey, sticking their fingers in their ears when anyone dares to question them.

"It's for your own good", you see.

And they wonder why the electorate are increasingly apathetic and politicians are treated with contempt.

It's because you're a collection of self-serving, sneering, egotistical, ignorant and incompetent bastards, that's why. Every last stinking one of you. And because of your perverted view of democracy, we are all fucked.


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