Wednesday 30 December 2009

Dick Out And About: Quote On David Hockney's Today Prog

An incredibly apt (though embarrassing) quote from Krautland, and an audio clip from yesterday's Radio 4 show. (link)

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JJ said...

I’ve played this clip several times, and have thoroughly enjoyed it each time. I particularly like the part 3.57 in, where Caroline tells us, that Brussels was the chief instigator of the European wide smoking ban, and yet they allow smoking in many bars, cafes and pubs…astounding isn’t it?

Our nasty little piece of social engineering has made us the laughing stock of the whole of Europe, where this country doesn’t know the meaning of compromise…but where our government does know the meaning of draconian treatment towards its own people.

Witness the brutal beating smokers have taken because of the smoking ban brought in by second rate politicians to a largely submissive electorate…just to show their PC credentials to the rest of the world.

What intrigues me though is why, when court action has been successful in pulling the ban apart in several European countries ie; Holland, Germany, Italy and France, there has been no such action here.