Tuesday 15 December 2009

Take The Green Pill?

Surreal just doesn't cover this ad which appeared in yesterday's FT 'green' supplement (click to enlarge).

Personally, I found the Matrix to be a pile of pseudocrap. Admittedly, a well-conceived and shot pile of pseudocrap, but pseudocrap nonetheless. As such, the pill reference escapes me, as does the particular significance (if there is one) of the film to the contribution of Obama, Merkel and Hatoyama at Copenhagen.

However, if I was asked to take a pill which would help me transfer £200bn, per fucking year, mind, partly out of the economy of a country whose interests I was elected to serve, I'd tell them they're a bit crackers and perhaps their pill was formulated by someone corrupt and stupid.

The ad was placed on behalf of Avaaz.org (not linking to them, sorry) who appear to be an anti-globalisation task force, cherry-picked from some of the finest far left gobshites the world has to offer.

Not surprising, then, that they are advocating what can only be described as large scale implementation of a redistribution of wealth policy, on the back of the Copenhagen, err, climate change negotiations.

It's not just capitalism that is globalised these days. Communism wants in on the act, too.


Anonymous said...

@pill-refs: our protagonist gets to pick either the blue pill = choosing ignorance/bliss, or the red pill = choosing knowledge (of the matrix, created to enslave humankind)

-now you tell me: is the green pill blue or red ;)

Captain Ranty said...

Dozy twats.

Dozy, greedy twats.

Dozy, greedy, incompetent twats.

In other news, Sir Fat Bastard Donaldson has announced that he will retire in 2010. So that settles one question: there IS a god.

Anon, the green pill is obviously blue. ALL pills are blue.


Tarquin said...

'200bn a year will save us'

will it? sounds like one of those Nigerian scam emails

devere1952 said...

I wonder how much of the £200bn will end up in some African dictator's Swiss bank account ?

Angry Exile said...

Mrs Exile wonders how much the FT charge for an ad in a supplement these days and how this Avaaz mob (sounds like a pirate with a speech impediment) got the money for it. The missus asks a good question. A good bet would be a grant from an organisation that got a grant from someone else who got a grant from some quango or fake charity who got their money from the government who robbed it off of us in order to give it to these hectoring miserablists who sooooo love to tell the rest of us how to live our lives, the cunts.

Any takers?

banned said...

I'm just surprised tht the crypto-communists let themselves out of the bag quite so early.

Neal Asher said...

A moment of pure irony this morning: minus 4 outside and Brown telling us that if we don't stop global warming it'll wreck the economy. Really, we should just point at him and laugh.

Anonymous said...

Global Roasting ,yes please,
anything that sinks London and
fries Sydney sounds like a decent
bit of gear.
By then with a bit of luck the San
Andreas Fault will have tipped
LA and San Fran into Hades

40 a day choker with a steady
40 000 mile a year flight log

PS For the attention of low level
island dwellers,you,ve got the tan
now enjoy the swim
Give my regards to Poseidon