Sunday 6 December 2009

Traitors Among Us

Consider that the majority of the country is doubtful about many aspects of climate change, and the majority of the country would most probably have voted no, if given a say on the Lisbon Treaty.

All of which makes this rather staggering.

Cars could be banned from central London on designated days amid fears that Britain might not hit clean air targets.

Boris Johnson says it might be necessary to explore the idea if the country fails to meet European Union limits, which would result in a £300million fine for the Government in the next 18 months. The Local Government Association said the fine would add £15 to the average annual council tax bill.

What is even more surprising is that the article didn't seem overly concerned about the motivation for the fine, or even the extraordinary level of the punishment. Merely the part Boris will play in the UK's capitulation to the Brussels bullies.

If a politician were to add his/her signature to an agreement allowing a foreign power, or collective, to wilfully damage UK property, he would rightly be classed as a traitor or collaborator. Similarly if he/she were to give away details on how to hack our banking system and extract £300m of our money.

Yet, at some point, this is effectively what has happened here. One of our elected officials has agreed that the EU can fine our government and, in practice, collectively punish all of us, for not meeting their ideological target.

The majority of the country quite clearly do not want this. The majority of the country aren't even convinced yet that these measures are even necessary. Yet we have 18 months, apparently, to bow down to the Brussels dictatorship, or they will enforce a crippling fine.

And someone signed us up to this at European level.

The head of whomever did so should be on display on a spike at Tower Hill instead of being paid handsomely, from the public purse, for their treachery.


Mark Wadsworth said...

Agreed. What is worrying is that people just sort of accept this.

"We have to shut down our coal fired power stations because the EU says so."

"We have to pay for a HIP if we want to sell our house because the EU says so."

"We have to have Value Added Tax because the EU says so."

"We have to ban cars from central London because the EU says so."

Witterings from Witney said...


An elected official does not have to agree to anything as if the EU wish to do it, they now can!

Mind you, it is those 'little things' that MW lists which are going to be the catalyst which finally blows the public's mind and then the percentage wanting 'Out' will really skyrocket!

Quiet_Man said...

The percentage is already in the 60% to 85% range anyway WfW There was a poll in the Daily Express which had the higher figure though as far as I can tell, the poll was an online one and only those who have strong feelings over the matter are likely to have voted.

subrosa said...

Oh DP you are guilty of writing about things which are 'sensitive' to most of the population!

As yet none has felt the cold grip of the EU and this is but the beginning.

I'm going to email Boris and tell him he's a prat with the addendum of 'if you really support this nonsense then you're a double prat', Trying so hard to keep the language clean but it ain't easy.

banned said...

I rather thought that this was agreed by the entire traitor Political Class rather than one elected official but I might be wrong.
How about one brave local authority listing the £15.56 Euro Fine alongside the Parish and Police Precepts (?) when it next sends its Council Tax demand ?

Junican said...

There must be some point at which individual people refuse to pay. If this means refusing to pay a portion of council tax, then that is the way in which it is going to go. The problem, of course, is the usual one - how is such defiance going to be organised?

The political classed do not want such defiance to happen - they would rather pass bad laws than have the people rebel. Rebellion has to be put down.

I believe that rebellion will eventually happen, but it will only happen if parents tell their children to rebel.

It is very confusing, but it must happen if we are to be free people.

Dick Puddlecote said...

Banned: It would be nice to see a council being that brave. I can't see that there is a legal reason why they couldn't.

As MW said, it's scary that such a fine is meekly accepted without even the mildest of objection.

bayard said...

I suppose people think, like me, that if the money wasn't wasted on that, it would be wasted on something else.

Remember there is no supply and demand in Gov't finance. Taxation is always as high as it can be, politically. This fine isn't going to put up our taxes, because if the Gov't thought it could do that, politically, it would have already done it.

What MW is pointing out is not so much about money as about sovereignity, and I suppose that many feel so disempowered that they no longer care about such things.

Anonymous said...

Here's an idea Boris: Tell the EU to go and fuck themselves. what are they going to do, confiscate the Tower of London?

Anonymous said...

Superb piece.

Entirely agreed.

Are we to assume that the persons who signed up for this are in line for a plum job in the EU/UN once Labour's kcicked out of office?

(The WTO's Pascal Lamy says that the EU is the lab rat for world government, and he should know).

Weekend Yachtsman said...


You are all wasting your breath, or your ink, or something.

The Lisbon Treaty is now in force.

We are not an independent country.

The government is in Brussels and we have to do what it says. Regardless.

Get used to it.

Mr Insignificant said...

They are traitors. Our children will have to be rebels in our next revolution before we are again a Sovereign Nation.