Wednesday 2 December 2009

State Denialists

As quite stunning lies go, this nugget from the response to a Number 10 e-petition suggesting the provision of separate smoking rooms in pubs and clubs takes some beating.

Survey data, anecdotal evidence and reports in the media seem to indicate that the impact on the hospitality trade as a whole has been at worst neutral and in many cases positive. We have seen no significant evidence to date that implies that smokefree legislation, either in this country or in others where it has been in place for some years, will create any long-term economic problems for pubs or the hospitality trade in general.

Yep. Nothing but positive news from the hospitality industry since July 2007, eh?

And, of course, according to Number 10, the disaster for pubs, which kicked in well before the economy imploded, has certainly not escalated since.

UK pubs closed at a rate of 52 per week in the first half of the year - a third more than the same period in 2008 - the British Beer & Pub Association said.

Yet while all but the most bigoted anti-smokers within the industry admit that the smoking ban has had a deletorious effect, the Department of Health are still rigidly clinging on to a hearts and flowers view.

Try not to laugh as I repeat this bit.

... the impact on the hospitality trade as a whole has been at worst neutral and in many cases positive.

Now, it was always clear that such a petition would be ignored, despite the fact that the provision of smoking rooms could do nothing but improve the chances of pubs staying open. Moreover, there would be no effect on the health of non-smokers as they would have no need to be in the vicinity of smoking should they choose not to be. It is a 100% win/win.

But a little more honesty in the reply would be desirable (not to mention actually tackling the meat of the petition rather than merely responding to the first sentence). Why not instead say, truthfully, that the EU & WHO are committed to blanket bans and it is out of Westminster's hands? I dunno, perhaps it's an idealistic view, but isn't the point of a democracy the fact that the electorate should be given straight and honest answers by their representatives and assistants? Or are bare-faced, transparent lies the order of the 21st century?

Actually, don't answer that.

Trivia: Godwin stopped me titling this 'Government Pub Holocaust Deniers'


James Higham said...

You'll never get honesty from those bastards.

Anonymous said...

It's obvious that the powers that be do not want any pubs left where normal adults gather to drink and smoke and moan about the powers that be.
Much better are the Wetherspoon crèches where the young mums can discuss the previous nights X- Factor or Coronation Street.
Far less dangerous !!

Neal Asher said...

Wankers. I wonder how many people there are, like me, with a simmering ball of rage in the gut just waiting for some jobsworth to say, "You can't--" WHAM! nose spread all over the face.

B7 said...

Its true, the Labour party are changing their name to the Bare faced lying party.

They know they public are so used to them lying that they are banking on getting extra votes at the next election.


bayard said...

Mind you, this is nothing new. After all politician have not exactly been renowned throughout history for their truthfulness. The last time I threw something at the TV was when Maggie T came out with some bare-faced lie on it (that I haven't done so since has mostly to do with my not owning a TV, before anyone thinks I'm defending NuLab).

Unknown said...

All the pub owners and bar staff who lost their livelihoods/jobs in the last couple of years will be greatly cheered and optimistic about the future by the bit of news that the hospitality trade is improving.

(no sarcastic genes were harmed in the making of this post...)

Rich said...

I've had run-ins with the Department of Health, total fucknuggets they really are. I responded point by point to their evidence, shredding it to pieces (which isn't too hard) and asking a few questions. They replied by avoiding all the questions and repeating themselves. So i made it clear they had avoided my questions, and demolished their retorts again. I then got a response exclaimiing the discussion had reached an end. for those who want to read it in full

Anonymous said...

Could be time for the anti ban
brigade to start recruiting
the nutmegs,whackos,smackheads,
freaks,hoodies,dog walkers,
spooks,starers , dimmos and any
low life with a decent pair of
boots, time for the Trot freaks to
get a dose of close attention

The Canary and Parrot Fraternity
seem to be fluttering around in
one ever decreasing circle of

Ich wollte es wurde Nacht
Dann kamen die Idioten

Barking Spider said...

I have so had it with these fucktards, they can't be reasoned with at all - are we allowed to shoot them?!!

banned said...

The obvious solution would be to recreate the pubs as they were until the 80s when they generally had a slightly posh Saloon where gentlemen could take their Ladies while the working man slummed it in the Public bar where his pint of mild cost a couple of pennies less. Most pubs could quite easily do this and make the old snug the smoking room.

Far be it for me to support the liers and scumbags of No10 and Department of Health but I have observed that several of the local pubs that closed since the ban ( all of them grotty working class boozers without an external smoking areas ) have since been redeveloped into 'upmarket' food/petite booze outlets with wiered names. Whether they make a success of it remains to be seen.

Mr A said...

And of course whether an "upmarket food outlet" is even a pub... when there was clearly a demand for the "grotty boozers" as they were open.

Talk about imposing your tastes on others - why not close all the multiplexes because they show Adam Sandler trash? Little cinemas that showed international films are so much "better".

(I'm addressing the DoH BTW, not Banned, who is a top bloke).

Anonymous said...

Yesterday I took my 2(two) year old
grandaughter for a drink in the
Colwyn Bay Wetherspoons.
I had a £1.79p a pint Guinness
, my grandaughter had a mini hot chocolate with extra froth.
At the bar stood a druid,a witch
and a rounded goblin. In the
creche the remnants of kiddies
face painting demo and near the
toilets a bust(plastic) of
Augustus Caeser. This was the
only busy pub in town.
Summing up,lets all carry on
twittering and may Providence be
mercifull to our parched lips.

Edward Longshanks

PS The Guinness and frothy choc
drink were a free treat

MarieC said...

It's not only the downright lies in these government responses that get me so angry. It's the insult to our intelligence that we may actually believe the bollox.

Anonymous said...

So why were there so many pub closures in Ireland during an economic boom 5 years ago. They know very well they are lying. Like MarieC I am more angry about the insult to the intelligence of those who signed the petition. And so what if 99% of people supported the ban. The other 1% should be free to open their own pubs. Isn't that about the only advantage of the EU - its human rights Act? Each day I get more angry about this. I'm 52 and it's the only issue I've ever felt strongly enough about to write to newspapers and politicians. Don't give blood, get off the organ donor list, stays out of of pubs and cafes. I wish a painful death on these people.

Anonymous said...

I would hope that any kids would only be taken into the 'child friendly' local crèche (Wetherspoons) as a proper place is no place for a child. Pubs are for ADULTS. Kids aren't allowed to have alcohol under the age of 18 so WTF are people thinking when they go to a pub with a child ? The sight of them would put most drinkers off.
Take them to McDonalds, but not the pub...please.

Anonymous said...

liars the lot of them, one suggestion tho, as we poor smokers have to suffer the cold all winter by standing outside to enjoy a legal habit, when summer comes(no laughing please) make sure that all non smokers are corralled indoors leaving the nice smoking area in the sun for the smokers, surely thats fair?