Saturday 12 December 2009

Johann Hari Hates Big Macs But Tells Whoppers

For a lefty propagandist like Johann Hari, a chance to link the collective Copenhagen gnashing of teeth with an anti-capitalist rant against favoured socialist targets, Coke and McDonalds, was too delicious to resist.

Johann Hari: Leaders of the rich world are enacting a giant fraud

Every delegate to the Copenhagen summit is being greeted by the sight of a vast fake planet dominating the city's central square. This swirling globe is covered with corporate logos – the Coke brand is stamped over Africa, while Carlsberg appears to own Asia, and McDonald's announces "I'm loving it!" in great red letters above. "Welcome to Hopenhagen!" it cries. It is kept in the sky by endless blasts of hot air.

However, according to one of his commenters, the only fraud being committed here is by Hari himself.

As senior programmer on the sphere you complain so bitterly about, I know for certain that there is no coke logo or macdonalds either. Seems like you made the whole thing up (again).

No coke, no macdonalds.
In fact all of the logos move continually, so the bit about " the Coke brand is stamped over Africa, while Carlsberg appears to own Asia, and McDonald's announces "I'm loving it!" in great red letters" is patently false.

The only macdonalds advert is on a macdonalds restaurant 100m away.

But then, the story wouldn't have had the same righteous appeal if Hari had mentioned sponsors such as the prominently-featured Siemens instead. Their global involvement in energy and healthcare isn't as easy to dismiss as irrelevant to COP15 as a Happy Meal is.

As socialists do, Hari seems to enjoy picking on products enjoyed by billions worldwide, simply for the fact that the companies who make them gain huge profits from their success.

In the words of Richard Pryor, Hari should maybe have a Coke and a smile, and shut the fuck up.


Angry Exile said...

I notice someone popped up after that to tell the commenter to prove it. Didn't seem to occur to the twat that the same thing could have been said to Hari in the first place, and predictably enough when someone else pointed them in the direction of a Youtube clip with no Coke or Macca ads visible on the sphere it still wasn't good enough. /facepalm

John Demetriou said...

Hari amazes me. For a hack known for being touchy and quick to draw on threats of using the law to slam allegedly libelous opponents, he isn't half fast to use very aggressive and accusatory language against people and businesses he doesn't like.

Why is it one rule for one, one rule for another for him?

Very odd. But for someone firmly on the dogmatic liberal left, I can't say it is entirely surprising.

Dick the Prick said...

Apparently Hari performed blow jobs at uni on an appointment basis - fair play I guess, quite organized really.

Dick Puddlecote said...

Very good points AE & JD.

Dick the P: I thought that was Lily Allen. How I found that link will become apparent tomorrow. ;-)

Dick Puddlecote said...

Oh, fuck it. I don't do suspense.

Dick the Prick said...

Good lass. I've lived a very sheltered life I guess. You'd have to double bag but...these days a pulse is an ice breaker for me.