Thursday 17 December 2009

When Religion Goes Bad

The church doesn't do irreverent humour. Well, actually, this one in New Zealand does ... quite a lot (note: lots of clicking and embiggening here).

A New Zealand church has sparked outrage by erecting a billboard depicting Mary and Joseph lying semi-nude beneath the sheets.

But within five hours of the billboard going up in downtown Auckland a man was standing on his car roof painting over the raunchy image.

The Catholic church joined those on the attack, accusing the Anglican church of disrespect.

"It's flying in the face of our 2,000-year-old beliefs," a Catholic church spokesman, Lyndsay Freer, said.

A complaint has been lodged with New Zealand's advertising watchdog, the Advertising Authority ...

What a palaver!

There wasn't as big a deal made of previous offerings from the same church. Like this one advertising their GLBT services with a depiction of a gay Noah's Ark.

Or, my personal favourite, this glorious tongue-in-cheek debate starter about the truth of the gospel.

They have some seriously irreverential reverends in Auckland.

Gawd bless 'em.


Leg-iron said...

I wonder if they were the inspiration for Big Gay Al's Big Gay Animal Sanctuary?

Anonymous said...

Immaculate deception ?