Sunday 27 December 2009

Overthinking Buck-Passers Of The Week

Because it's really that important.

A bingo caller has been advised to stop using phrases such as "two fat ladies" for fear of offending his audience.

A council spokeswoman told the East Anglian Daily Times: "In particular with John being a councillor we have to be politically correct."

She added: "It is very sad because it is part of the fun of bingo but unfortunately in today's society people take it literally."

And why do people take it literally in today's society? Simply for the fact that they have been systematically conditioned to do so by a succession of overpaid and underworked politicians and local burghers. National and local legislators who have filled their days, which would otherwise have been empty, by dreaming up new offences to place in the minds of a public who would never have had the time or imagination to think such things a problem before.

They have to be PC, as they claim, because their profession invented it, incubated it, nurtured it, and expanded its remit to such an extent that every minor, and even inconsequential, aspect of the community is infiltrated by the political class's promotion of intolerance and self-absorption.

It's not unfortunate that the public take such things literally, it's instead scandalous that such ideas of offence, where none is remotely intended, were planted in the minds of society, by overthinking councillors and MPs, in the first place.


Angry Exile said...

If only the intentional taking of offence was as easily regulated as the unintentional and frequently non-existent giving of it.

Witterings from Witney said...

Perhaps people have lost the means to think for themselves by the continual emasculation of our education system, whereby the basic process of reason and thought has all but been removed, resulting in the prevalent laissez-fair attitude the public exhibits.

Re-inventing the wheel may prove easier than re-inventing democracy and politicians!

Anonymous said...

So those that take it lt literally (two fat ladies usw) lose if they have 88 as the number that would have let them win if they didn't take it literally?

Darwin in action if you ask me...

Anonymous said...

If none of the bingo playing old
crones complain to the council,
then the PC brigade have won.
As for the snivelling caller
complying with stupidity, he wants
a good slapping
Will the all seeing ,all powerfull
freedom loving bloggers be
giving the council website some
attention on Tuesday or will it be
back to muttering about marginals
and dead Labour MPs

To the right of Ghengis Khan

Anonymous said...

This happened in my Labour Club around 3 years ago and the club lost about 150 regulars as a result.

There were many complaints at the time, but they were ignored.

The club is virtually closing now, I've not been for a long time - but the PC brigade don't give a damn anymore for the pensioners right to enjoyment one night out a week.

The country and our politicians stink.

Wormsnapper said...

Absolutely typical, and it never ends. This morning, for example, some prick was suggesting a connection between poverty and truancy (trying to imply the first causes the second). No, wanker politicians destroying that thing called responsibility (their greatest weapon being the welfare state) cause scum, scum impoverish themselves, and their children, whilst turning into scum themselves, tend to play truant.