Thursday 3 December 2009

Sexing Up At The Beeb?

Have the BBC recently co-opted a Daily Sport hack to sensationalise their news reporting? I think we should know.

'Higher risk' of lung cancer from smoking first thing

A screaming headline to describe an article which says no such thing, as the referred study wasn't concerned with the health risks of smoking, merely smoking habits and their effects on nicotine levels (which can also be raised by patches, gum and inhalators).

Perhaps the Comrade Beeb subby was just distracted. I mean, it's not like the fiercely impartial BBC has an agenda or anything, is it?


Leg-iron said...

No problem. I'm never awake first thing in the morning.

I've been trying to remember when it switched from tar to nicotine as the harmful substance in smoke. True, tar isn't good for you but as far as I'm aware, nicotine is only poisonous if you overdose.

You can't overdose on nicotine with smoking. Nobody could smoke that much.

You can overdose with too many patches at once. Therefore, if they want to call nicotine the dangerous part of smoking, patches and gum are far more dangerous than cigarettes.

Besides, how can these health nuts claim that they are saving us from nicotine addiction by providing gum and patches filled with nicotine? If they believe nicotine will kill us, then prescribing patches is surely attempted murder?

I wish they'd just admit the truth. They don't like smoking and everyone has to do as they say. There's no more to any of these control-freakery measures than that.

Neal Asher said...

We really must find out the legal position on not paying our license fees. Surely that can be done if the BBC is not adhering to its charter?