Thursday 3 December 2009

Pass The Matches

Remember the 'Bonfire of the quangoes' that the Tories were promising? Well, the Taxpayers' Alliance yesterday provided the kindling on Con Home.

Happily, I can report that we've produced a detailed report on this issue at the TaxPayers' Alliance, Taxpayer funded lobbying and political campaigning (PDF), which contains a nice big list of taxpayer funded campaigns to cut. That report argued that, as well as introducing a law emulating the American restriction on the use of taxpayers' money to hire lobbyists, the Conservatives should cut funding from the following groups, which are primarily political campaigns or pressure groups:

Amongst the worthy potential recipients of a swift kick in the financial balls was this grouping.

Come on Dave, you bring some paraffin and Bryant & Mays, we'll provide the party poppers and Kool & the Gang.



Anonymous said...

It's been stated today that 90% of all government policies come from quangos.
If I were an MP, I would want some influence.
What's the point of being an MP if you're always over-ruled. Expenses come to mind, and stuffing the electorate

Eclipse said...

they don't even hide the motives behind this one:

Consensus Action on Salt and Health


I'm obviously a bit behind the times, it's the first I've heard of it! :)

Junican said...

What amazes me is how some of these organisations get public funding in the first place. Take this 'salt and health' group. I remember reading a piece in the Daily Telegraph some time ago in which Dr Lefanu stated that one's body excretes salt surplus to requirements. I would have thought that if that is a scientific fact, it is a scientific fact - end of story. There is no need for a 'salt and health' group and no need for consideration of the matter.

How did they get funding in the first place? Who decided that such funding was appropriate?

JuliaM said...

Got to start somewhere, and they are certainly the most deserving cases. Now all we need is a Tory with a backbone and a...


bayard said...

"they don't even hide the motives behind this one:

Consensus Action on Salt and Health


Well, it's easier, more profitable and more respectable than conning little old ladies out of their life savings; what's not to like?

At least this lot have a sort of honesty and a sense of humour.

AntiCitizenOne said...

Action on salt is to lower peoples enjoyment of their food.

Neo-Puritans hate people enjoying well-seasoned food.

banned said...

I do remember Labours 'Bonfire of the quangoes'
John Prescott gobbed off about one in particular decribing it as a "Wasteful Tory Quango" which he promptly closed down upon gaining office.
Some short while later it reappeared in a new location ( though also had to re-appear at the old location because the former staff refused to move ) with vastly increased funding under the name:

NHS, Connecting For Health

which is the Quango by which Labour hope to hoover up all our medical records to be securely available to just one million health workers ( and any other public service worker who fancies a gander ) but it does not work and never will because Labour are rubbish and invested in a crap system that was never intended for this type of project ( Fujitso said so and ran away ).