Tuesday 8 December 2009

Iraq Revelling In Its New Found Western Freedom

Not content with the wonderful west-inspired smoking ban, as opposed to the one which was imposed by Al Qaeda, the new administration in Iraq has now liberated Baghdad once more.


Baghdad's nightclubs closed in moral crusade

Authorities have closed all Baghdad nightclubs and dozens of shops selling alcohol, concerned for "public morals," the city's governor said yesterday. Police have closed 95 unlicensed clubs and 42 liquor stores since the start of November.

The closures threaten to cut short a brief revival in Baghdad's once-vibrant nightlife as residents began to enjoy some of the activities they were forced to abandon amid the sectarian violence unleashed by the 2003 US-led invasion.

Anyone caught opening a shop or bar without proper permits faces a fine and six-month jail sentence, Abdul-Razzaq said.

Well, if Iraq is going to be a truly democratic country, gotta have permits and righteous clipboard-wielding inspectors.

Though what this all has to do with a Pakistani cricketer, I really can't fathom.

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