Tuesday 15 December 2009

Ginger Whinger

And there was me thinking it was just an amusing Christmas card. You live and learn, eh?


Angry Exile said...

Fucking rangas. What can you do, eh? ;-)

Beware of Geeks bearing GIFs said...

"Sour Faced Bitch With Low Self Esteem And No Sense Of Humour Frightens Large Corporate Into Withdrawing A Funny Card For The Majority Of Normal Well Balanced People For Fear Of Libel" sensation.

I thought it was a great card.

I shall now use that as my Christmas Card du jour.

Ta DP!

Unknown said...

I was at a comedy club where the comedian was taking the piss out of gingers and scots. Being both, some of the crowd I was with looked round to see how I was taking this. Personally I was crying, I was laughing that much.

It is called humour - it's not personal and it's not banned...oh

Some people just need to learn how to laugh at themselves and other things around them. They may then stop being miserable bastards like dementors sucking the fun out of everyone else.

banned said...
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banned said...

Try again

Buy it here, page 3

Moonpig, ginger mingers xmas