Tuesday 8 December 2009

Kinnock's Bint: Arrogant, Gravy Train-Riding Arse

Labour's hypocrisy in taunting Cameron over his 'cast-iron guarantee' pledge is already astounding, but when it comes from the wife of a disastrous British political failure, who has since spent every waking hour incubating his (and her) millions from the EU experiment, it is obscene.

Yes, here is Glenys Kinnock, in full flow during an Upper Chamber Q&A, vigorously protecting the financial interests of the Kinnocks the UK.

I cannot help noting that the cast-iron guarantee given by Mr Cameron seems to have somewhat evaporated and been lamely replaced by the pledge that democracy through Parliament will be replaced by democracy by plebiscite on European issues. That certainly cannot be in the interests of the British people.

Yep. That'll do it. The British people being allowed a vote on their future is 'not in the interests of the British people'.

After all, why on earth would we have any significant view of what is good for us? Politicians know best. Especially ones who have garnered an ample fortune from continually denying the voice of the British people.

There really is no point in allowing the public to determine their own destiny in a democracy. That way lies a Kinnock wage cut madness, apparently.

Besides, the EU is the way to more Kinnock cash forward in a democracy. The public's opinions are 'irrelevant'.

... a referendum on continued membership is unjustified, unnecessary and, frankly, irrelevant to the interests and needs of the people of this country.

Irrelevant to the British small business owner bogged down with EU instigated red tape and compliance costs.

Irrelevant to the British employee restricted as to his own choice of overtime via the European Working Time Directive ... if they have a job at all after huge overheads imposed on employers by EU directives.

Irrelevant to British fishermen who are denied exclusive access to British waters in favour of the Spanish (and just about everyone else who fancies a pop), while Norwegians can exploit their own waters freely since seceding.

Irrelevant to British farmers, struggling under the CAP to subsidise non profit-making farmers in other member states (otherwise known as France).

Irrelevant to anyone in the UK who buys products at inflated prices due to the pressures exerted by EU bureaucracy and meddling.

Irrelevant to the London plumber/brickie/leccie who is now unable to compete with a Lithuanian, with free EU access, but vastly differing financial needs as he makes hay for a few years channelling his earnings back to Vilnius.

Irrelevant to the City of London, strangled by envious EU legislation designed to put inferior Frankfurt and Paris markets on an equal footing.

The views of every eligible UK voter. Irrelevant. As long as Glenys and UK political reject hubby are able to trouser their wad.

And, most disgusting of all. Irrelevant even though Labour promised that such views would be given an airing via a referendum which Baroness Kinnock, in her new role as Labour apologist to the Lords, now says is not 'in the interests of the British people'.

This hideous, arrogant, gravy train-riding, treacherous sock puppet didn't campaign against the Labour manifesto when it offered a plebiscite on the EU, but is now saying that referenda are somehow evil. And that you, the voter, are irrelevant.

Baroness Kinnock: Self-serving/greedy/obscene/condescending/ amoral/disgusting snuffler (delete as applicable).


Griblett said...

'Baroness Kinnock: Self-serving/greedy/obscene/condescending/amoral/disgusting snuffler (delete as applicable).'

I don't think there's a need to delete any of the terms applied, they all fit rather well. There are another hundred or so that you could've appended but I suspect everyone is well aware of them.

Quiet_Man said...

Yep I reckon you have her sussed, along with the EU as well. Mind you Cameron deserves mockery for backing away from a confrontation with the EU, just not from a pro EU supporter.

Roue le Jour said...

I think my fellow British voters are a bunch of lazy, pig-ignorant, bigoted lard-arses. However, I can't help but notice that if we had listen to them rather than politicians over the last couple of decades we would have been in a much better position than we are now.

The voters made their views of the despicable Kinnocks perfectly clear. Labour politicians chose to ignore them.

Daniel1979 said...

I second what Griblett Said.

Laurence said...

I think you're not quite accurate on the Norway thing. Norway never joined - they had a referendum and the people said "ney".

Makes one quite jealous.

thespecialone said...

And I believe that their son is on the EU gravy train as well.