Sunday 31 January 2010

Ain't That The Truth?

Study shows no fewer crashes in NY, despite cell phone ban

Syracuse (WSYR-TV) - It appears New York roads are no safer than those in states that don't ban use of hand held cell phones. A new Highway Loss Data Institute study finds no reductions in crashes after these laws take effect.

According to the study it’s not just New York. Other states that’ve enacted cell phone laws have also seen little change in the number of crashes.

Hardly surprising considering it's one of those laws that make politicians feel important but which are predictably impossible to enforce.

A law which is completely unnecessary too as (don't even need to Google this) every civilised nation in the world has the problem covered anyway.

“I just generally feel you can't outlaw every single type of activity, it's better to outlaw reckless driving,” said State Senator John DeFrancisco.

Indeed, but err ... is it not outlawed already, Senator?

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